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Kitchen Design Victoria are kitchen remodelers offering a complete kitchen renovation service from start to finish. We have over 23 years of experience in kitchen remodeling. Our experts can help you build your dream kitchen. We design and supply kitchens to suit each household requirements and budget. Kitchen Design Victoria provides a complete 3D design during one visit to your home & provide you with a full cost analysis so that it is easier for you to make an informed decision on purchasing.

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I had quite a bit of trouble with my kitchen. But it's finally almost completely resolved. But thankfully Mick and Laudi are very responsive. One advice, it would be great if you could ask for them to be the main people dealing with you.

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In the end we were happy with how the kitchen turned out. They did an OK job of designing and installing. Decent value for money. We had some problems along the way with lack of communication and parts not being delivered on time causing delays - the installation took 3 and a half weeks. We had problems with getting them to come back and rectify some of their workmanship. Mick has done a good job at responding to our concerns and fixing any issues.

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From start to finish KDV was there to help us upgrade our kitchen. We are happy with there professionalism and willingness to get it done and make the customer happy. People always showed up on the expected days and the phase of work was done on time (except once). Phone calls with status updates promptly given, and items followed up. I have no hesitation in recommending them; however be prepared - have your design concept ready to go. I don't give them 5 stars for the following reasons: there wasn't a walk through of the completed design process prior to expecting us to sign off, & communication between there head office and there trades people and us as customer could have been improved.

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Used this company several years ago. The product is ok and worthy of 4 stars. Sales guys very slick and friendly but following that the communication and service is average once they lock you in. Some of our new kitchen door laminate was out of stock so half our doors were different finish and colour! No one informed us & then the excuses started. It then took over 11 weeks and lots of nagging to get the correct doors.

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So the measurements were done wrong initially. No big deal as there was a secondary measure anyway. After that nobody took us through the resulting plans. They email them to you and that's it. So unless you're in the building industry you're not going to pick up little problems. It all looked fine but when they start building, little inconsistencies show up. There is nobody project managing the kitchen so you have to do it all yourself. All the tradies are separated from each other and each one seems to blame another or KDV. There isn't just one person you deal with. Cupboards are set widths, so if they don't line up with the surroundings, its like its bad luck. Lucky we noticed the sink wasn't centred under the window before they cut the bench-top, but other parts we didn't notice until the job was done. We also never got shown how to adjust doors,drawers etc.. which started loosening after just 3 months We have since got a separate kitchen contractor to fix all the disappointments we had. Never again.

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