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Leads 2 Profits helps small business achieve 25-100% or More Sales in 12 Months GUARANTEED! We will show you How to Get More Sales, More Profit and More Money without the Pain and Expense of Traditional Marketing. An Exclusive Step-by-Step Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Business Owners like you who wants to GROW their business. It's based on years of personal experience as well as systems proven and used by some of the top business owners around the world. The system has been applied to over 200 industries, so it WILL work for you too! The goal is to help you understand the power of the Law of Compounding Returns. And to show you how you can predictably and systematically optimise many of the things you already do to produce dramatic and long lasting profit increases – without having to spend an extra cent on marketing or advertising.



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Twitter Experts:

I've never used Twitter for anything other than posting my latest posts etc...

I have a client asking about using Twitter to build a following for their business and communicating with their industry in a real way etc... (probably Twitter's intended purpose :)

How do you start?

Asked by Peter Montgomery
Category: Social media
What do you want out of a product user review video? I'm getting a Gorillapod for doing on-site interviews and checking out the user review vids to help figure out which one suits my needs...  There are some REALLY dull ones and some Excellent ones. One thing I DON'T want is 10 minutes of opening the bloody box!!! I thought this one was cool... What are you after when you watch them? 
Asked by Peter Montgomery
Category: Media production

There are so many different ways and opinions on measuring social media return on investment. What are your recommendations? What assessment tools and approaches do you use? 

Asked by Darryn Altclass
Category: Social media

Am I right in suspecting the lines have become blurred between the newer, sexier discipline of branding and the older, more conservative practice of marketing? In your view, what are the differences (if any) between the two? What do you look for from your branding/marketing agency?

Asked by Steve Osborne
Category: Branding

what is the step process and do you create it within your website or can it/is it better to maintain it independently. What sort of content should be on your blog and how much do you link to your business. I hear of a 80/20 rule where only 20% should be direct plug to your business and the 80% informative, industry related. Happy to hear thoughts...

Asked by Paul Zisson

The biggest problem for most businesses today  is not about driving traffic to their website , it is more around how to convert strangers into customers. Is that true ?

Category: Online marketing



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