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Leads 2 Profits helps small business achieve 25-100% or More Sales in 12 Months GUARANTEED! We will show you How to Get More Sales, More Profit and More Money without the Pain and Expense of Traditional Marketing. An Exclusive Step-by-Step Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Business Owners like you who wants to GROW their business. It's based on years of personal experience as well as systems proven and used by some of the top business owners around the world. The system has been applied to over 200 industries, so it WILL work for you too! The goal is to help you understand the power of the Law of Compounding Returns. And to show you how you can predictably and systematically optimise many of the things you already do to produce dramatic and long lasting profit increases – without having to spend an extra cent on marketing or advertising.

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Glen Rothquel answered a question

How do I start building a following on Twitter?

Hi Peter, I will not propose to be an expert, but here's my two-cents anyway. - Start 'Following' people in your area of interest, they will likely to follow you back. Like-minded people tend to flock and support each other. - Start Following...

Glen Rothquel answered a question

What do you want out of a product user review video?

Highlighting the positive features as well as its negative aspects would be good. Anything longer than 3 minutes would be too long.

Glen Rothquel answered a question

How do you measure your social media success?

Hi Darryn, you might find this link useful. 46 social media monitoring and measurement tools http://ow.ly/kQQCd

Glen Rothquel answered a question

Is there a difference between a branding and a marketing agency?

Hi Steve, I think there's a big difference between the two. Marketing is more of a push or active promotion of a product or service while branding is the wider spectrum of creating value or identity for a company or organisation.

Glen Rothquel answered a question

How do you set up a blog?

Great information Peter. Thanks. I'm sure we could all learn a LOT from your very considerable skills! I've heard many people say your blog should be the 'center of your universe" - so to speak...and everything else feeds off it. The Blog is your...

Glen Rothquel answered a question

Is Search Engagement Optimisation (SEO) the new SEO?

It is absolutely true! We are living in an understandable un-trusting world. The public has very burned fingers and badly bruised confidence and scepticism so it is vital to build relationships of trust. The chances of someone coming to your website...

Glen Rothquel answered a question

What is one thing every business should outsource to an expert?

Everyone should work out their core skills - the things they love doing and are best at....and focus on them. Outsource the rest. Maybe you can't outsource everything in one go....but start with the things you like least....bookkeeping for...

Glen Rothquel answered a question

What is the best way to market to tradies?

Hi Michaela I've had a lot of success using gold old-fashioned snail mail. Use a hand written envelope so it looks personal. Don't try and sell them anything. Offer free information that touches on some of their pain points, as Tim Greig says -...

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