Learn To Trade Pty LimitedNorth Sydney, NSW 2060

Learn To Trade Pty Limited

Finance, insurance and banking services

132 Arthur St, North Sydney, NSW 2060

ABN 99 138 178 542
EST 2003


Learn to Trade has been offering Forex training services since its inception in 2003. They possess a team of high-quality Forex experts having years of experience in this arena. They will help you in learning strategies which can bring success in the Forex market. The skilled trainers will polish you and will galvanism the trading skills by especially targeting on the market needs.

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Trading is without a doubt something scary and trading the forex market is even scarier but that said, if you want to become a great trader, if you want to succeed in trading, if you want to become profitable without always having to look toward your boss for more hours or a pay rise then this is without a doubt the BEST place to start your trading journey. Yes, there are tonnes of things out there about trading but you may learn with time that if you truly want quality, then most likely there will be a price tag on it and it's knowing what you want that will get you pass that price tag and keep you strong throughout your journey. I've had a fantastic time at Learn To Trade and the people there are absolutely fantastic, they truly do they their best and even go out of their way to help you. Without a shred of doubt, if you want to start a profitable trading journey of your own, this is absolutely the place to start it.

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Unethical! SCAM! I attended the 'free workshop'. In the foyer area, they ask you to fill out a form requesting details about your income and the job you do (so they can price discriminate against you) before they actually let you into one of the rooms each with about 20/25 attendees. I'm obviously private about my income so I intentionally understated my responses. At the end of the 2-hour free 'workshop' they try to pressure you into purchasing the 2/3 day full course at $5000 which they claim is valued at $15,000. They keep the attendee number small per room at the 'free workshop' so they can know exactly who you are and target you. DO NOT PURCHASE! If you purchase, at some point during the full course they will pull you aside to give you a personal 'VIP' offer, an amount which is of course decided on based on the income info you provide at the free workshop. (The actual course can be 1 or 2 months after the free workshop, so you won't remember you gave them info on your income nor realise the scam.) They've offered me a $10,000 offer but others have said they got offered $20,000 and even $100,000. Follow your gut! I wondered why they wanted persons to confirm they weren't students even before signing up for the 'free workshop'. It is because their TARGET CUSTOMERS are persons with enough funds for them to try to steal.

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I started trading without any education had some wins and loses but signed up with Learn to Trade in July, knowing the potential of the forex market and I wanted to move towards trading full time creating financial freedom and more options in life. Since the very start the support has been over and above what was initially expected. We have access to daily live trading in the morning and the evening with highly skilled traders where you can trade live and ask any questions you may have about the market. Since the initial training I have signed up to the unlimited wealth program and the coaches are amazing and very experienced. I am back at HQ next week for another boot camp and to hang out with the amazing team that are based in North Sydney. Thanks Learn to Trade for creating a brighter future....

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Interesting and challenging. The coaches are very good and encouraging and helpful. They all went through the journey of learning how how to trade the FOREX so they know what the clients of LTT are going through. They patiently and continuously pass on the knowledge they have acquired through their years of trading.

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Easily the best decision I've made in my life. Every one of the Coaches/Staff are always happy to help when you need. Not only that, the community is absolutely awesome, I have nothing bad to say...

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