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Learn to Trade has been offering Forex training services since its inception in 2003. They possess a team of high-quality Forex experts having years of experience in this arena. They will help you in learning strategies which can bring success in the Forex market. The skilled trainers will polish you and will galvanism the trading skills by especially targeting on the market needs.


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salvador Palgan

Good day, I am Salvador Palgan, residing in Block 6 Lot 13 Phase II Villa Trinitas Subdivision Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City. Currently employed of a Multi Company here in Cagayan, Nestle Philippines Inc. as a Processing Operator working for almost 26 years in the company, and I have also a small business ( Water Refilling Station) which help an additional income to provide my Children need in school. But all of this, something I felt missing on how to take care of our physical body its because the business and my hardwork in the company deteriorate the condition to our body. With this, I make a research of which business suitable even we grow older with less stress, relax and can take vacation with the business (kahit sa Bakasyon kumikita parin ). I found out Forex Trading is the best. I found out an invitation in facebook then I sign up for the free seminar last November 2017 here in Cagayan de Oro. To make the long story short, I attended the three days seminar offer by Learn To Trade in Manila last January 24 - 27, 2018 and now a member of the Unlimited Wealth program by LTT. My whole experienced with Learn To Trade was great its because I learn a lot on how to trade forex. But, when my first month of trading I felt sad,struggle and I said to myself, I thought Forex Trading is simple and easy to execute but I did not give up because I believe someday I can hit the tip of the mountain. After the Master Trader course and Advanced Bootcamp which I attended last April 7-9 this month my confident in trading grown up and it develops a perspective on how to trade because master trader materials and advanced bootcamp technique gives me more idea and of course our coaches who motivated us. And now, I found my own secret to concentrate to trade Income wave and 180 profit booster by focusing one currency in each six currency to pair. About LTT for me their services nothing to worry because they are all approachable. Today, I can say from nothing in trading till the confident develop within me its because Learn To Trade provided me lot of materials to use in trading. For me as a whole, Forex Trading Education in Learn To Trade opens a way of a prosperous living for those who will be with LTT. I Thank God for helping me to join the course.

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Jake Sticher

Thank you all so very much for the awesome opportunity to propel my trading to the next level! I learned so much in the Quick Profits 2 day class, and being a 6 week fresh novice to the trading profession, it was such an exciting boost! To be part of a massively successful room of people was a great honor and privilege. My gratitude is enormous towards the whole team at Learn to Trade Australia!! I only hope the trading floors across the globe had as much fun, learning and success as we did! I started the 2days at 1.8% for the month and finished up with 4.32%!!! I flew home absolutely elated and am dedicated to continuing my epic journey!! Thank you again and many times over for the leg up in our trading tree of knowledge!

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David Mayhew

If you are serious about learning to trade as a professional then I cannot recommend the staff and facilities highly enough. Nothing is too much trouble. All aspects are taught and all questions are answered promptly, acurately and thoroughly in a way that can be understood and applied whatever your knowledge or skill level. The trainers are all professional traders active in the industry so its real knowledge in real time. As a student I was assigned an individual coach that I could contact either online or in person at the trading floor in Sydney: and as a result I am now trading confidently, consistently and most important PROFITABLY. : )

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Samuel Metekingi

I came in as a complete novice to trading, never heard of it before let alone done any trading. I always wanted financial freedom but not sure it was possible for me. I came to Learn To Trade to find people who were living a lifestyle I wanted myself. After going to the courses and training with the coaches this is hands down the best decision I've ever made to be on my way to turning my yearly income from my 9 to 5 into a monthly income with trading. You need to get around people who are actively living the way you envision. And that's what I found on the trading floor.

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Keith Vickers

Best of the best. This is a truly enlightening journey - one not to be missed! Yes you will get trained, and coached by the best in the business (and wow - what personalities you will meet) . How do I know this? I have been developing an interest in finances over the last 7 years, through the normal channels and financial advisers. I have met people of varying experience since joining Learn to Trade and they all speak highly of the comparative experience. Yes you are on a learning curve in the FOREX markets but what you will not initially appreciate is the overall understanding of the Financial World. As a person with a Self Managed Superfund the benefits are quite significant. Quick profits? Beware of this concept. Join the Ultimate Wealth program like myself and my partner and enjoy the 2 year program where we can join in any training sessions/ webinars, and receive guided development. The support service is second to none in my opinion. I highly recommend taking the next step towards improving personal financial security. We learn at a pace to suit our needs.



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