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At LFS we help service-based SME's achieve growth through marketing consulting, strategy and hands-on implementation. We focus on three main areas: DIGITAL includes websites, online advertising, SEO, social media, blogging, forums etc. DATA includes establishing goals, key performance indicators and tracking mechanisms, as well as building, maintaining and communicating with customer, prospect and contact databases. CONTENT is exactly that! Be it website, email, blog post, direct mail, phone call, tweet or photo, every time you communicate with your clients or contacts, you are sharing content, but you need to make that content interesting, valuable and easy to process. We can create content for you, or work out a plan with you and help you to do it yourself.

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Bridget Holland answered a question

What must I do to get my website up on Google search results?

What have you been doing which is not working? Without knowing that it's hard to give advice.I'm assuming your on-page SEO is reasonable, but on-page SEO alone won't work. A couple of simple SEO-related questions:What search terms do you want to...

Bridget Holland answered a question

What is wrong with this sentence?

There are two things which might be niggling you. The first is the mismatch of singular and plural which Gill mentioned.  (As a side note in relation to Micha's comment, in the old days the masculine pronoun was inclusively to encompass female...

Bridget Holland answered a question

Can I use statistics from another website or source without breaking copyright laws?

Include a list of sources at the bottom and you should be OK. If someone posts data on a publicly visible website and you quote with reference to that website, how can it be plagiarism?

Bridget Holland answered a question

What does double opt in in email marketing mean?

Following up on Anne's point, the Australian Spam Act allows electronic marketing messages (ie usually email but increasingly SMS as well) to anyone who has explicitly or implicitly given you their permission.  Check out the details at...

Bridget Holland answered a question

How do you approach a competitor for market research?

Ling Lee, that is a really hard question to answer with no context!  But I'll give it a go. The very first thing you have to do is decide whether you are going to be upfront about the fact that you are a (potential) competitor or whether you are...

Bridget Holland answered a question

How many of you are using video as part of your marketing strategy?

I've just started with a few clients. Things that held me / us back: 1. perception that video is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. 2. lack of knowledge about how to do it. 3. lack of bandwidth. I went to an absolutely brilliant seminar...

Bridget Holland answered a question

What are your views on the use of webinars?

I think there are two reasons why webinars been slower to take hold in Australia: - most of us are congregated in a few large cities.  You can run 3 face-to-face events and reach a significant part of the market.  Compare that to the US and think...

Bridget Holland answered a question

What is the best way to get some funding (less than $100k) for a new business?

From my (limited) experience angel investment is the way to go for that level of investment.  You could try this link to start with http://aaai.net.au/ There's also something called the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (http://assob.com.au/)...

Bridget Holland answered a question

How important is grammar and syntax in social media?

Sorry, but I think you're asking the wrong question! The importance of grammar and syntax is first and foremost decided by who the target market is.  Teachers are likely to care more than teenagers if your grammar is not up to scratch. The second...

Bridget Holland answered a question

Which is the best CRM software for a new company?

Before you choose a CRM system (any system) I'd suggest you make sure you are clear what you mean by CRM and what you want the system to do for you.  What exactly does 'keep track of' mean in your business?  Is this going to manage all the emails...

Bridget Holland answered a question

Does anyone know how much TV advertising costs?

Great answers so far.  A couple more points: 1. When you get your ads done, be sure to get both a 15 sec AND a 30 sec.  Is far more cost effective to do both at once and gives you more options for showing them.  Plus if there is vacant inventory...

Bridget Holland answered a question

Can you help with some research of small businesses?

Good luck and nice survey.  You are proving that at least some accountants do more than just tax and numbers. ;)

Bridget Holland answered a question

How does one transition to an online store?

A lot of good comments above, especially about business model, strategy and transitioning.  Unfortunately your friend is now a long way down the road - with no offline store left and I am guessing minimal stock.  Hopefully he at least has some cash...

Bridget Holland answered a question

How do you handle small bad debts in your business?

I assume you have had enough contact with them that there is no doubt this amount is neither overlooked nor disputed.  So it depends on the commercial value of the client to you: 1. This is the only invoice.  Send a letter advising legal action if...

Bridget Holland answered a question

Who knows how much do copywriters charge to write a web page?

Upfront comments: I've seen webpages with two hundred words of copy. I've seen webpages with two thousand words of copy. You need to distinguish between proofreading (any obvious grammatical / spelling mistakes?) and editing (reorganising what you...

Bridget Holland answered a question

What should I look for in a Web hosting partner?

I agree with Shane, good support is key.  But you also need to make sure you know what you want and that they can do this before you sign up. I know of a recent case where web hosting and email hosting ended up with different companies - one...

Bridget Holland answered a question

How to generate more business for your web development agency?

Have a great website yourselves with a solid portfolio.  Any portfolio link should open a new window so your site is still there when they stop browsing the portfolio. Don't try and be all things to all people.  Be sure what your target market is. ...

Bridget Holland answered a question

Is Google AdWords giving you a good return on investment?

My experience is not as wide as Jayson's, but I would agree with his basic point as I understand it - most Adwords accounts do not deliver ROI because they are not set up and managed properly. One of my clients had Adwords set up by another...

Bridget Holland answered a question

How much would this be worth to your business?

30,000 is a good size list.  BUT: 1. If I'm the SME you're approaching, they're not MY customers and they're not loyal to ME. 2. If I'm operating in Sydney only, then I don't care how many there are nationally, I need to know how many there are in...

Bridget Holland answered a question

How do you spend a $500 marketing budget for a new website?

My gut feel is Adwords may work better for Brian than Jo.  There is a market of people out there who are actively researching or looking to buy stools and chairs, and there are some fairly obvious keywords (especially if you add locations).  A new...

Bridget Holland answered a question

Any networking events for businesses in Melbourne or Sydney?

There is an active and friendly group on LinkedIn called Sydney Referral Network.  Alex the organiser puts on frequent events.

Bridget Holland answered a question

Can someone recommend a good password management system?

A geek friend of mine recently referred me to a terrifying article on how easy passwords are to crack, even after encryption.  "...a self-admitted newbie to password cracking, downloaded a list of more than 16,000 cryptographically hashed passcodes....

Bridget Holland answered a question

Is Search Engagement Optimisation (SEO) the new SEO?

Web visits are like foot traffic in a retail store. You need them, but they're not enough on their own. But 'convert strangers into customers' is a bit too simplified. You might want to convert them into acquaintances (leads) or friends...

Bridget Holland answered a question

What are some tips on building a mobile app?

Start by getting your answers to some very basic questions: - why do you want an app? - what is it going to achieve for you / your business?  How are you going to measure that? - what is it doing to deliver to (potential) users? - how are users...

Bridget Holland answered a question

What is the best way to market to tradies?

Despite what the SEO people say, and based on gut feel rather than fact, I tend to agree with you that large parts of this market may be behind the curve in openness to 'digital' generally.  Then again, if you're trying to be a virtual assistant via...

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Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland Director Top 10% Offline and Direct Marketing


I Sell Words

I sell words because my words sell! My name's Tom Valcanis and I'm here to supercharge your business with engaging, clear and compelling copy. I cater to a wide range of industries, audiences and clients. My words sell your products and services. From websites, SEO, brochures, flyers, sales...


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