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ChiroRelief is a Sydney-based chiropractic service available in the inner west location of Enmore and the eastern suburb of Woollahra. We specialise in preventative chiropractic care and targeted relief from conditions of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Our chiropractors help a diverse range of people who walk through our doors, from top-level athletes to sufferers of chronic pain, to those looking to maximise their general health and wellbeing.


Lina Shiyab

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Robert Wright

Both my partner and I have been to see Lina on a number of occasions and always a great experience. Friendly and fantastic service provided to us everytime. Always get our moneys worth, as we feel like different people when we leave. Highly recommend ChiroRelief to anyone looking for a very experienced Chiropractor.

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Andrena de Franceschi

I am a client of ChiroRelief and have been receiving treatment since Nov 2017 for lower back pain and Kyphosis related issues. Lina is a fabulous and caring professional. She not only has a sunny and charming disposition but achieves consistent and lasting outcomes from her treatments. I highly recommend her as a Practitioner.

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Brendan Horne

I went to Mohammad. He was well meaning and friendly but not very experienced. He was also very expensive. $120 for initial consultation and he didn't do any work on me. He wants $95 for the next visit to give me a report and $75 for every visit after that. All I want is a good adjustment, short sharp fast and hard. The last chiro I went to was efficient, reasonably priced and didn't want to know every little detail including what I had for breakfast.

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Adem Halac

Working with Lina as a patient has been a breeze. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very caring. Within the short period of time I've been visiting her practice, I've come leaps and bounds. Through her treatment my shoulder and back have never been better! I would recommend to anyone the services of ChiroRelief.

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Jo-Ann Brittain

I have had back issues for decades & wanted desperately to avoid surgery again because I would go back to the same issues thankfully thanks to a recommendation I have found ChiroRelief. My life has changed since I have been going there. Moe & Lina look at the "whole" issue & how I can lead a normal life & that us where I am now on the road to better health. Nerve pain is the worst pain ever I now have total relief & can look forward to a better quality of life. I am deeply indebted to Moe & Lina they are my heroes.



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