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It’s only natural you want your business on page one of Google and be ahead of your competitors. Who doesn’t!
Our goal is to make sure you are doing more than what your competitors are already doing online.
My name is Sandy Moore, I’m the owner of Local Online Business Builder and provide Online Marketing Solutions especially designed to help you leverage the internet and do more than your competitors.
It all starts with your Search Engine Optimised Website! If you don't have one, Lets Chat!


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Popular Q&A

Sandy Moore answered a question

How can I promote my health-care clinic when AHPRA's advertising guidelines are very restrictive?

Don't panic Petra!I'm sure you are not the only business owner asking this question and wondering how your business will sustain itself into the future.I wouldn't worry too much about paid advertising as I'm sure every business will...

Sandy Moore answered a question

How important is the .com domain now and will it be important in the future?

You could always put the dot com on back order Dj Hodgson and you will be notified as soon as it becomes available.  Just a thought and a long shot at that. As far as alternatives for your url, I was in a similar situation to you when I discovered...

Sandy Moore answered a question

How effective are Facebook ads for each dollar invested?

James is right when he says you should test Facebook. I also recommend running two ads at the same time. On Facebook, it is the image you use that is the biggest draw card to your ad. One idea to make your image stand out is to put a bright coloured...

Sandy Moore answered a question

Have you successfully ranked on Google Page 1 with .co domain?

This is a great question David.... when the.co was first released many companies were encouraged to secure their company.co extension. Which of course many of the larger companies did... such as NBC.co and t.co for Twitter. I would encourage...

Sandy Moore answered a question

What can you learn from following your competitors on social media?

At the Online-Business Builder we totally encourage our clients to follow their competitors, much to their amazement. Mainly because they are worried about how to handle negative comments about their services or products that they may receive on...

Sandy Moore answered a question

How can a small business get a 1300 number?

I use a Queensland company for my 1300 service. At $5.45 per month you can't go wrong, plus the payment is automatically charge to my credit card... Virtually set and forget. Give them a try FYI Telco 

Sandy Moore answered a question

How do you decide who to follow on social media?

It's not just you Peter..... I've stuck to this rule for years. The owner of the business should be transparent enough to show a good clear head shot.... people buy from people not logo's or blank gravatars! Many businesses these days think...

Sandy Moore answered a question

Has anyone had any success with telemarketing?

Telemarketing is generally related to cold calling.... I don't know about you Tim but if you are anything like the people I speak to in business daily.... they are totally fed up with people cold calling trying to sell them something. I personally...

Sandy Moore answered a question

What is better - SEO, Google Adwords or social media?

Jayson, I never recommend anyone use AdWords in their marketing campaign unless they do one of the following 3 things. 1. Outsource Your AdWords Marketing Campaign 2. You have done an extensive course on how to effectively use AdWords 3. You are...

Sandy Moore answered a question

Why is a logo important for sole trader businesses?

Although your logo and branding is very important to your business as a Sole Trader,  online your face is your logo and the best branding you can possibly have as a representation of your company and who you are and what you offer. Here's and...

Sandy Moore answered a question

Where can I find motivational products to use as a giveaway?

Hi Greg, I usually suggest to my clients that they package their own product and after taking a quick look at your site it seems that this would also be possible for you. As your site is about motivation as stated by your opening line on your...

Sandy Moore answered a question

What are common problems SMEs face with their websites?

Most business owners think that the postcard business website is what drives traffic to their website.... Little do they know there are millions of websites sitting stagnant online with no traffic what so ever. I have to agree with Adrian, when it...

Sandy Moore answered a question

How do you increase blog comments and interaction?

I take my hat off to you Gosia, one thing I tell all my clients is that consistency the key to online success. I'm going to disagree with Greg on this point... Quote "comments are more about vanity of the comment poster and do not relate directly...

Sandy Moore answered a question

Are you getting value from your email list?

From my experience Nick, as Steve mentioned it does depend on many variables.  I'm not too sure of the protocol here on SavvySME, but hopefully it's OK to send you to an article I wrote which includes some very good tips. Hope it's helpful to you. ...

Sandy Moore answered a question

Does anyone know which are the best guest posting sites in Australia?

I'd be delighted to have you as a guest over at WhoIsSandyMoore.com Kate. Have just spent the last hour over at your website.... love your work!! You'll find all the details at the above link. This list may be of some use also.....  100 + blogs...

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