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LUNA Management

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81 Point Street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

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EST 2015


Sydney Building Management - Leading the world in creating spaces for communities to thrive.
Building Management in Australia protecting and preserving buildings and the communities within them. People often ask: “What is it that LUNA does differently?” Yes, we satisfy our customers regarding their needs and wants; however, we also look at ways to educate our customers and help them make better-informed choices. We willingly arm our customers with industry knowledge because we want what is good for them, thus giving them the freedom to choose what is or isn’t good for their community. If you do your job well, in time the Executive Committee will also make better choices. One thing we never forget – it’s our customers who are in charge, and we must work to serve them. We put our customer's interests ahead of our own and aim to communicate honestly and with transparency. Here at LUNA we understand that “customers are not consumers, they are human beings whom it’s a privilege to serve”.


  • Building Management Services &/or Consultants