Luscious Lox Pty Ltd

Luscious Lox Pty Ltd


419 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2040

ABN 96130922020
EST 2007


Professional Hair Extensions Sydney.
Australian designed lusciouslox is the leader in Nano hair extension sydney technology.

First in 2007 we launched the world's first Nano tip hair extension and Now in 2017. 10 Years later we announce the new triple 3 gram / 0.11 ounces nano ring hair extension. This new human hair extension was developed by World leading hair extension specialist Giovanni Marangoni who is based in Australia.

This advanced system is specifically engineered to provide the smallest reusable hair extension procedure. The Lusciouslox ring is up to 90% smaller and less detectable than any other ring system. This is the world's smallest micro ring/tube system designed to provide maximum undetectability and camouflage. This Lusciouslox ring system allows the hair extensions to be re used while maintaining the client's hair.

Here are some of the benefits :

Rotational plan
NO Glue
NO Wax
NO Weaving or any type of fusion
Better Still - NO MESS


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