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Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd was established by Jacqui Pryor who is a registered trade marks attorney in Australia. Jacqui first started her career in an administrative role within the trade mark field more than 20 years ago. We provide trade mark attorney services to clients of all shapes and sizes, with a particular passion for helping start up and smaller businesses protect their trade marks. We offer trade mark searches, Australian and international trade mark registration services and advice and assistance in disputes and oppositions.


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What is Intellectual Property? ?>

What is Intellectual Property?

It's early days and already a number of questions have been asked in relation to trademarks and... read more

Popular Q&A

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

How to patent a product or idea?

Hi Kylie - I'm not a patent attorney so this is all 'for info purposes' but hope it helps. Typically, you don't patent "ideas" - a patent is the right granted to a method, process, substance or device that is new,...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Do I have to get an ABN and create a name for my small business?

Hi Debbie I hope this helps: Does a small business have to have a company name or trade under BN? If a small business is going to trade by any name other than their own personal name they must, at the very least register a business name. (This is...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Can anyone recommend an expert for CRM/Workflow/Practice Management?

Hi Roland, I've used Act! (by Sage) for about 10 years in some form or another, and, purchased it when I started my company 12 months ago, as I find it pretty user-friendly, does what I need it to do and isn't too expensive as a small operator....

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

How do I obtain government grants for my small business?

The Australian government actually has a very handy 'grant finder ' tool available. You can search based on your state (or search on national grants), industry and sort of assistance you are after to see what you might be eligible for and what you...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Do I need a physical business address for my online business?

I don't think it's necessary for the trust factor. However, under the new business name registration system in Australia it is mandatory to list a physical address for service (i.e. the address for all correspondence about your business name etc)....

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

What are the most important legal issues to consider for startups ?

I would suggest the very first legal 'issue' to consider is the actual structure of your new business. Changing structures down the track can be tricky and costly so best to get it right at the start! Usually an accountant or solicitor can help...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

What's the difference in domain name endings like .tv and .me?

This could depend on who you ask or where you look for an answer!.me is the top level domain for Montenegro is the top level domain for Tuvulu. But these days they are recognised more so - often seen as the 'television' domain so...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Does a trademark protect related domain names?

The short answer is no. However, if you are the trademark owner there may be action you can take to acquire the associated domain name if owned by someone else in very specific circumstances. And, such action will depend on the type of domain in...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Can Smell And Sounds Be A Mark Too For Trademark Application?

Yes, they can be.  A trademark by definition is any 'sign' that one trader uses to distinguish its goods/services from those offered by others. Under the Trade Marks Act 1995: sign includes the following or any combination of the following,...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

If I register a trademark for one class does it cover all goods?

No - when you file a trademark application you must specify the goods and/or services under each class of your application. You must have at least an honest intent to use your trademark on the goods/services you nominate, so, only select all...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Can I own a trademark and not necessarily use it?

Technically, yes - but I wouldn't encourage it!  Trademarks are vulnerable to removal if they are not used for a period of time, or, if at the time of filing the application the applicant had no intention to use the trademark in good faith.  A...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Can I register my own name as a trademark?

The answer here is 'perhaps. A trademark, by definition, is a sign that one trader uses to distinguish their goods/services from those of other traders. A personal name is no different to any other trademark in this sense - it must be capable of...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Is a registered trademark transferable?

A registered trademark, or even a pending trademark can be 'transferred' to a new owner, yes. This is done by assigning the rights from the current applicant/owner to the new. This can be done in several ways depending on the circumstances but...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

How do I apply for a trademark?

I'd firstly like to clarify that you don't have to use a trademark lawyer in relation to your trademark matters; you can "DIY" (although not always recommended) or a specialist/consultant. The first step I encourage clients take is having a...

Jacqui Pryor answered a question

Is trademark registration necessary if the logo has been in used for many years?

I may be a little biased, but yes I absolutely think a business should register its trademarks whether they've been used for many years or not. Several rights and advantages are awarded that you won't get other wise simply by using the trademark....

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