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We're a full-service digital department built for the SMEs of today. With Hivernate, our signature growth program, our international clients can manage us from anywhere in the world 24/7, thanks to our world-class technology. Our services include digital production, social media planning and distribution, web development and everything in between—all the services you'd expect from a marketing department in 2017.


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How do you measure the ROI associated with your Social Media program?

Hi Neil I wrote a huge chapter on this in a book called The Experts Guide To Social Media Marketing - however there is a mini 5 point version on our site - check our blog for more info, unfortunately I can't publish the link here I will send it to...

Answered by Sharon Latour

How do you determine the most appropriate media for marketing a new business?

Hi Micha Excellent question! There is indeed an array of options available for new businesses but although my answer might seem quite unusual I will give you my professional opinion about it and I will tell you what I recommend to our clients. I...

Answered by Sharon Latour



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