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Marzipan Media are Sydney based, digital content creators focused on one thing; producing exceptional & engaging content for our clients. We combined two decades of experience to create a one-stop-shop for all your digital content needs. We create digital strategies, videos & social communities to grow your business & tell your story in the digital space. We build websites, make videos and manage your socials. Plus more! Visit us for more

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Ben Adams Co-Founder


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For its size, this is an extraordinarily busy PO so don’t get upset because they don’t answer the phone quickly. It is best to attend in person and join the queue like everyone else. I suggest if you want a complex transaction such as a passport check get there out of peak hours. I have had no problems with the service which is fast and efficient and polite, as it should be to not hold up the many other customers. Not sure what standard people are applying as a rule for “rudeness” but the behaviour I have encountered has been friendly and to the point. I suggest you have a first world problem and should go elsewhere if offended. As for not knocking on the door for parcel delivery that is the sub contracted Auspost person who is responsible, as the Waverley PO owner has no control over their behaviour.

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Best service I’ve had from a post office, friendly and patient

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Carol is rude and unhelpful. Didn't bother to seek another avenue for help, poor customer service.

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Why have a contact number of you never bother answering? Please shut down and give someone the work who wants it

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