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I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Adelaide. I use a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, with interventions that operate at the deep structure of a problem - at it’s root cause. The combinations of these modalities enable my clients to crater rapid change in in their lives. I am passionate and empathetic with a focus on my clients creating the life changing results they desire. I am a professional member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Asso


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Sarah Sheppard

Sarah Sheppard · May 18, 2018 I was referred to Matthew from a work colleague. I have battled with an addiction to energy drinks for a number of years now and I was concerned about my health, the message I was sending to my children and I felt it was effecting many areas of my life. I also had some mental baggage which I randomly asked him to assist me with. Matthew mostly used NLP with me and it was immediately effective with instant changes evident. He is a true professional and not complacent at all. I was always well aware what was going on and his explanations were comforting. There is not much this man cant fix and I truly underestimated to the power of the sub conscious. I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know. I am now free of my addiction, sleeping better and have such a clear mental and emotional state - I can't thank him enough!

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John Camm

I initially went to see Matthew about my weight and exercise habits. These were resolved in just one session which then gave me the confidence to work with Matthew on other issues in my life. I found the experience to be extremely successful! After just one visit I had amazing results - I have been more active and have a genuine desire to exercise which I didn't have before seeing Matthew. This experience definitely met my expectations. I would highly recommend Matthew and his ability to get to the heart of the matter.

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Dimitria Koutsoukos

I came to see Matthew to address my weight issues and the experience was both pleasant and positive. Matthews manner was caring and his approach professional. Hypnosis for weight loss has already been successful for me. I have shed 6kg in 8 weeks and can feel my body changing. I am satisfied with smaller portions and making better food choices. I no longer eat for the sake of eating and am happier overall. I wasn't sure of what I was expecting, or if this would work for me however hypnosis certainly has been successful. Making the decision to try hypnosis for my weight loss was a last resort for me as I have been dealing with weight issues and yo-yo dieting all of my life. I had gained so much weight that I was feeling helpless and had lost my will power together with any motivation I previously had. I needed someone to help me regain control over food, and to help me find the motivation to stay on track. I am so grateful to have had the experience and opportunity of meeting Matthew and being able to work with him. I felt a change immediately from the first session. Matthew helped me change all the negative thought patterns and beliefs which I had ingrained into my mind and replaced them with more positive thoughts and beliefs. The process has been life changing. During my time I also had a very stressful and unfortunate 3 week period where a family member became ill and passed. Matthews sessions helped me move through the grief and helped me stay on track with my weight loss recognizing that I also need to be taking good care of myself to take care of my family. I thank you Matthew for providing me with the very special tools to be able to continue in my life's journey with the positive affirmations, and meditation techniques that will always keep me centered. You've certainly helped me in more ways than you can imagine.

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Emily Currie

I came to see Matthew for negative self talk, confidence and anxiety. Our first session was eye opening, and I noticed a huge shift in my mood and outlook from that day onward, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. That change has been sustained and built on each session, leaning new ways of thinking that defeat my old patterns. These changes seemed almost effortless and Matthew provided supportive tools that come up naturally and easily in my day to day life. Matthew is very respectful and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend Matthew Tweedie hypnosis.

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Charlie Gould

I was a 16 year old boy from south Australia struggling with weight loss and anxiety related to it, since my first session with Matthew i have begun to understand my feelings and move on with my life with a positive view for the future. This treatment has been very successful for me and has helped me develops my own pathways around certain situations that could occur in the future, I have recently begun opening up to my friends and family and have begun to set boundaries for people so as they are not walking all over me and bringing more stress and negative feelings into my life. When my mother first told me of this treatment, I thought it was a hoax, but having tried everything else to shed the not only the physical weight but the negative mental weight, I decided that I would go for it with an open mind. Seeing how well this treatment has worked for me, it has blown me away, far exceeding my expectations. I would highly recommend this journey of recovery and redesign of the mind to help anyone with anxiety, depression, any other negative emotions and above all else weight loss. I would personally like to thank Matthew for helping me along my long road to recovery and I am sure that with the help of the techniques he has given me, I can finally shed this weight and move forward to being the happy, healthy, fun loving man that I know I can be.



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