Mawson Dental Care

Mawson Dental Care


Mawson, ACT, 2607

ABN 92191788198
EST 2010


General dentistry focuses on the prevention, identification and treatment of common dental problems.

Mawson dental care perform virtually all of the general dental services you may need, such as:

Routine cleanings and exams – scan for cavities, treat any signs of gum disease, keep teeth and gums healthy and clean.
Fillings and restorations – We will also provide restorations should we discover a cavity, chipped tooth, or tooth that otherwise needs attention.
Preventative dentistry – Dental hygiene is imperative for good dental health and overall wellness – and it all starts with good oral habits. During these exams, we also discuss correct care to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.
Periodontal (gum) therapy – the number one reason that people have serious dental problems is un-diagnosed gum disease. This is why we offer the best in diagnosis, treatment for gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontitis.


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