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Meteorical is the trading name of Brian Dorricott who runs the Lean Commercialisation Center of Excellence in Australia. Lean Commercialisation concentrates on using specialist techniques and processes to get innovations and product to real, paying customers quickly to prove the concept before full significant funds are committed by individuals or companies to exploit those ideas.


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Diagnosis of static revenue
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Diagnosis of static revenue  

Call me for a complimentary one hour introduction to a diagnostic of the current position of your business. By the end of the hour you will know what you need to work on first to start increasing your revenue - it could be marketing, sales, company structure, fulfilment,...  

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Lean Commercialisation and Cycling: Getting Your Ideas to Work ?>

Lean Commercialisation and Cycling: Getting Your Ideas to Work

In the late 1980’s, I remember a lecturer on my Engineering course at Imperial College, UK telling... read more

Popular Q&A

Brian Dorricott answered a question

How do I find VCs or angel investors for my startup?

Short answer: if you're heading to investors searching for money, you're probably too late. It's going to be a real challenge.Top tip: Research who is likely to invest when you need it, find out which events they go to, find them, talk...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

Why do Australian startups fail?

Top of the list for me is:They don't provide a solution to a problem enough people care about to give them money to sovle it.Why does this happen? Usually failure to understand the world from the users' point of view. Does the problem really...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

What are the typical costs associated with launching a startup?

It depends...The biggest one is going to be your own living expenses to begin with. If you are living at home and have no expenses, then you're down to laptop and internet connection. On the other hand, if you need to cover the costs of running...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

Which are the best seed accelerators in Australia for a startup?

Good question.I would suggest you ask why you want to go into an accelerator before deciding which are best. Different accelerators have very different sylabus (some have none) and therefore the outcomes are very varied. In addition, some...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

Do you have a vision for the future in your business?

As Jim Collins stated in his book "Good to Great" many years ago, having a vision of your future is a critical sign of a company that is going to succeed. It is important not just so you can tell customers but so you can test all...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

What is one thing every business should outsource to an expert?

My suggestion would be a "Business Coach" because the right one can have a massive impact and introduce you to any other people who can help the business.

Brian Dorricott answered a question

Should you use a template for business planning, or is it just too complex to do with a template?

Hi,There is one question I'd ask first: Who is the audience for the Business Plan?If it is a bank, there is a specific format and style that they are looking for.If it is for board (advisers), then a single page is the best option since it is...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

How much to protect my program through intellectual property?

Unfortunately you don't give enough information for a good answer.Are you trying to protect a program you've developed? Is it a computer program or a program you deliver in person? Are you expecting to be sued (and want to know how much you...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

How much does a small business coach or online business coach cost in Australia?

There are two pricing strategies for business coaching fees: Hourly with discounts on block booking Monthly retainer In general, you pay for quality. Less than $300 per hour and you are probably not paying for the experience and knowledge that you...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

How much should you spend on advertising?

Absolutely - test and measure.But perhaps you're on the wrong track"The price of being unremarkable is advertising."So how can you make yourself more remarkable so that word-of-mouth (still the best form of introduction) can happen?...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

What meetup events do you all go to?

First question to ask is what sort of people do you want to meet at the event. This will give you a good indication of which events to go to. So, what are you looking for? Drinks for the evening, to learn something, to sell something? 

Brian Dorricott answered a question

How do you pitch a creative idea to a client?

Before you even start putting your pitch together, take a look at the potential client and see what they are doing. By understanding what is driving them to do what they are doing you can put together the pitch to nail the problem they have. Only if...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

How can I drive traffic to my website?

Create a product or service that lots of people want. If you find out how people are feeling just before they need your product you can work out how to provide information that will help them solve their problem. Then, when they are solving their...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

Is having your own mobile app necessary for a business?

It depends what the service is.And don't forget that you can create a website that can be used on a mobile device as well. This means you have one thing to maintaine that will work on desktops, tablets and phones - that's what...

Brian Dorricott answered a question

Should you share business ideas with others?

Like all things, it depends.I advocate talking to as many people as possible - that have the problem you are solving. So you can find out more about other people who are possible customers when you get your product sorted.There really is no need to...

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