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Mark Ellis Migration Australia WA Migration Agent Perth Phone: 0864609761 Web : http://migrationaustralia.com.au Business Address: Unit 32, 328 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6100 Migration Australia is an esteemed migration and visa service providers in Perth, Australia. Migration Australia takes care of entire visa process as per the migration laws. We offer total commitment in giving clients our full support at every step of the Immigration process. We provide assistance to our clients through


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Kevin Nettles

I consulted with Mark and left feeling quite impressed. Mark was easygoing and welcoming, yet professional, and in examining our options, he was very knowledgeable and candid. No B.S. He took time to answer all questions and offer advice. It was a pleasure to meet with Mark and hope to do so again. Highly recommended. My personal theory is in most professions 95% of those doing the job simply get by while 5% truly excel. Mark is in that 5%. If you can make it to Migration Australia there's no need to waste time elsehere.

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Peter Rawlings

We made contact with Mark and his Team at Migration Australia WA in mid August 2016 to find out if Nan could apply for a permanent Partner Visa while in Australia under the grant of a 12 month Tourist Visa. Mark’s advice was yes, Nan could make an application for permanent Partner Visa while in Australia. Mark was very good outlining the process that we would have to go through and made it very clear there was going to be a lot of hard work involved in putting together an application that was going to have any chance of success. Migration Australia provided us with a comprehensive list of all the document requirements both for Nan as the applicant and Peter as Nan’s sponsor. There was an initial questionnaire from Migration Australia which we completed and this gave Mark and his Team a good understanding of our relationship from which they were able to guide us through the detailed application. There is no doubt in our minds that without completing the questionnaire and having the comprehensive list of document requirements it would have been very difficult to put a meaningful application together. It took us just over 2.5 months to prepare the application and during this time Mark and his Team continuously reviewed our progress and provided feedback on what we had prepared and provided us with encouragement to continue the effort. We also had to make a trip back to Thailand to collect original documents relating to Nan and her family and her education all of which had to be translated into English by a certified translator. Migration Australia was to be the focal point for any correspondence to and from the DIBP and this was a big plus if not the biggest plus for dealing with DIBP queries and helping us with procuring additional documents. From the outset we knew the processing of Nan’s application was likely to take between 12 and 15 months which doesn’t seem like a long time but in our case it effectively put our lives on hold and on two occasions during that period we were on the verge of withdrawing Nan’s application and if it hadn’t been for Mark’s quiet voice and persuasive encouragement to ‘keep going’ we would most definitely have withdrawn. In the end and at 15 months and 1 week the Australian Department of Home Affairs granted Nan a Partner (Residence) (Class BS) Partner (Sub-Class 801) visa making Nan an Australian Permanent Resident. Could we have done it without Mark and his Team at Migration Australia WA? No, an emphatic ‘No’ and now we can get on with our lives. Thank you Mark and your Team. We award you 5 stars

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Priyanka Ghose

Had a very pleasant informative session with Venkat. He was really helpful, and knowledgeable. Vent not only listened to the queries, but also came up with possible solutions. His knowledge over the subject was commendable. Hope to meet him soon again. He is one of the 'rarest gems' in the immigration field.  I strongly recommend Swan Migration if you are looking for only 'excellence'.

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Nadia Khalfi

"I am so glad I went with Migration Australia to assist me with my visa application. My time was running out and so was my patience. I had a nerve wrecking ten days left before putting through my application and 'Mark Ellis' was fantastic. His gentle nature completely calmed my nerves. I received a call back from him within seconds. He understood myself and my partner's situation and made time for us in his busy schedule to video call us together and give us copious amounts of Free Advice. During my appointment with Mark in Perth, he thoroughly studied my application and the relevant documentation. He was so thorough and he analysed every aspect of my application. I was able to send away my paper based application the same day I met with Mark. My application was only pending for only 9 days!!! Mark kept in contact with us for updates on our visa progress. We can now relax finally as an official defacto couple. We look forward to dealing with Mark again in the near future to assist us with our Permanent Residency. We would highly recommend him."

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Irene Tyler

Trustworthy and listening to our questions. They were there for us all the way



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