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Milk Bottle Projects

Marketing and communications

Level 7, 222 Exhibiton Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

ABN 43775463087
EST 2014


Milk Bottle Projects is a digital agency based in Melbourne specialising in content creation, PR, events and social media management across all industries in Australia founded by Nikki Williams. With our small but dedicated team, we work closely with our clients to build an ongoing relationship with your audience and grow brand and business exposure across all digital, traditional and OOH strategies.

Williams and the team work closely to find results that maximise exposure and success. With so many different digital platforms to work with, no two clients will ever receive the same kind of marketing strategy experience. This is the entrepreneurial mentality that Williams once set for herself when she started MBP at the young age of 21 and this is what she aims to run with to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-changing digital sphere as the business grows every day.


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Nikki Williams answered a question

Which software and app are helping your business work virtually?

 We use GSuite for emails and Google Drive for file sharing and storage. Trello to keep track of leads and for task management amongst the team. Calendly is my saving grace when it comes to organising meetings with clients - I can only imagine...

Nikki Williams answered a question

How is the COVID-19 crisis affecting your business?

 We lost ~ 60-70% of business in the first month of COVID-19 restrictions to hospitality businesses. We're very fortunate to have some clients that aren't strictly venues and therefore could operate as normal or for example an audio and...

Nikki Williams answered a question

How has your professional services business responded to COVID 19?

 We have used this as an opportunity rather than seeing it as an automatic downfall. I can't stress this enough - all businesses CAN pivot during this time, some more easily than others, but it's doable. Sit back, analyse your business...

Nikki Williams answered a question

What creative ideas are you doing in your business to ride out the covid-19 crisis?

 The e-learning platform, absolutely! We are also using this time to re-do our website, our marketing collateral and we've changed our lead gen ads to focus on what potential clients might need now that the situation has changed from 6...

Nikki Williams answered a question

How to successfully negotiate commercial rent with your landlords?

Ooft, this is a tricky one. We work out of a WeWork co-working space and have our own private office. As a result, we're technically sub-leasing and WeWork has been ruthless in not supplying assistance for tenants. This has been extremely...

Nikki Williams answered a question

Should you take a business loan or dip into your super to survive Covid-19?

 We considered taking out a business loan, more or less to have a secondary backup fund if COVID was to last until 2021, but after doing a P&L with our accountant, we realised we shouldn't need to given the subsidies and assistance...

Nikki Williams answered a question

What's your business continuity plan for the next 6 months following Covid-19 lockdown?

 It's funny - we've had a plan to expand the business for around 6-12 months but at the same time, we were experiencing one of our busiest years on record and we simply didn't get the time to execute the plan we had. COVID has...

Nikki Williams answered a question

How to keep your employees' morale up working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic?

 It's more important now than ever to check in with your employees at least once or twice a week, depending on how you usually conduct business. If you usually work out of an office and you're together 5 days a week, 9-5, you'll...

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