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Dental health affects overall health .Here is the solution of all your serious dental problems. Sydney dentist cure you’re all dental problem very safely. You should join one of the best dentists in Sydney before a dental crisis occurs.


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Jay Cooper

I was in a really difficult position with a dental emergency and, although relieved of pain, had a bad experience with a dentist in Mosman. I can here for a second opinion and immediately felt more comfortable. The staff are all really friendly and Dr Rosenberg was extremely helpful and helped out/gave as much advice as possible to make my situation a lot easier. A dentist you can trust and feel safe with sharp objects in your mouth! :-)

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Jenne Ovens

I have had a major fear of dentists all my life (I am 50 plus) and have needed to have any procedure done under sedation, even a simple filling. I was looking around for dentists closer to home that do sedation when I came across Millennium Dental at Mosman, so I rang - I booked an appointment and went a few weeks later - I was petrified when I arrived and we were only having a chat! Dr Rosenberg made me feel so comfortable, he took the time to listen to my concerns and I trusted him 100% after chatting for 20 minutes, he suggested for me to try gas and a tablet which he had found worked for a lot of his nervous patients - Dr Rosenberg had won my trust so I decided to make another appointment and give it a go - 2 large fillings - Dr Rosenberg said "if you cannot do it with gas and the tablet we have lost nothing and will look into sedation" Well I DID IT :) It worked and that was 90% due to Dr Rosenberg's understanding of someone that has such a phobia about dentists - I feel like I have jumped such a hurdle and have made further appointments - Thank you Deb, Kym and Dr Rosenberg :) Best dentist ever!! If I could give this a 10 star rating I would -

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