Mint Virtual Assistance

Mint Virtual Assistance

Business administration and support

Elimbah, QLD, 4516

ABN 23482128166
EST 2019


A technology savvy Virtual Business Manager assisting business owners and executives throughout Australia to maximise their productivity.

Mint VA provides a range of services to manage all your business administration needs, helping to; complete your to-do list, organise your days efficiently, develop and update documents, monitor inboxes, book travel, data entry, project coordination, manage website content and much more! Basically, if you have administrative tasks that you need help with, Mint VA is your go-to personal assistant.
Kicking off Mint Virtual Assistance in 2019 with a bid to deliver skills to business owners in need of a professional business manager, administration manager or just a right-hand person to bounce ideas off, Jodi understands the importance of working transparently with all stakeholders.

With 10 years’ experience, Mint Virtual Assistance is here to support you and your business!