Miracle Products

Miracle Products

Health care and community services

3 Gerrygone Place, Pomona, QLD 4568

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EST 2012


We are part of a collective shift towards the future of medicine, health education & wellness empowerment. We understand that our body is not just a mechanical or physical object, but rather an electrical, magnetic, frequency-based organism, grown from nature. That’s why Miracle Products incorporates energy medicine, thought systems along with vital nutrients and minerals as a foundation for extraordinary vitality, available to those who seek a truly holistic transformation.The journey in research and the development of our flagship product Miracle Mist began out of necessity. In 1988 our Alchemist, Alyce sustained a spinal injury crushing the 5th cervical vertebra and underwent a spinal discectomy and fusion. Following this injury was intermittent bouts of paralysis in one, or sometimes both arms with unrelenting neuralgic pain. The current medical understanding and methods only offered medication as a remedy and solution following the surgery.


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