Moduplay Commercial SystemUnanderra, NSW 2526

Moduplay Commercial System

Sports and recreation

Unanderra, NSW, 2526

ABN 40 131 937 669
EST 1989


Moduplay has been a pioneer in the commercial playground equipment industry. It combines a good range of market leading trampolines, innovative safety features with using the technology and outstanding designs. All of our playgrounds, activities, site furnishings and amenities are constructed from the highest quality materials and are backed by the industry’s best warranty and customer service. We also consider the age groups and refer park play equipment accordingly.


Adventure - T-8428 - 11  The Cutter

Playground Equipment

Adventure - T-8428 - 11 The Cutter  

Age Range Mixed
Fall Height 600 - 1800mm
Soft-fall Area 77.20m²
Total Dimensions 11.40 x 10.00m
Colour Various  


Slides - D-8932 - 09  Turbo Rotomoulded - 1800H

Playground Equipment

Slides - D-8932 - 09 Turbo Rotomoulded - 1800H  

Age Range Mixed
Fall Height 1000 - 1800mm
Soft-fall Area 25.2m²
Total Dimensions

7.23 x 3.96m
Colour Wizard's Peak  


C-8129 - 11

Playground Equipment

C-8129 - 11  

Age Range Mixed/Primary
Fall Height 900 - 2000mm
Soft-fall Area 72.50m2
Total Dimensions 14.45m x 7.15m
Colour Urban Tundra  


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