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Are you planning a vacation with your family? Get in touch with My Limo hire car services in Melbourne. We promise to fulfill your requirements with affordable pricing and amazing customer service. Once working with us you won’t like to go anywhere else. We have got smart team of people who walk an extra mile to achieve excellence for you.

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I hate giving bad reviews but sadly my experience on my wedding day and my attempts for resolution have led me to this point. The old owner Ron has been amazing, great customer service and apologetic for my experience but the new owner however has been quite the opposite. It was clear he had not reviewed our journey I emailed to him. He showed up late to pick up the men and demanded payment of $840 before he took us anywhere but that had been paid weeks ago. He had left boxes in the limo. He didn't put ribbon on the car which when I later asked him about it he said it would get ripped to shreds although he told my brother he would put it on at the venue which he didn't. He called me and said he was coming to get us, I said no you are getting the men, he said Robinson's Rd I said no Christopher drive. He picked up the boys and started driving to get us girls and the boys had to tell him he was supposed to be going to the venue. When he got us girls, he took the back roads and our photographer got there 20 mins before us so we were quite late. Then we went for photos and he went the wrong way. When I finally heard back from him regarding my email he blamed everyone else including my bridal party and refused to accept any responsibility and left the conversation with "You need to sort it out with your bridal party because they were giving directions" however I had given locations, times and he never once consulted me about any of it. I'm still sad at the photos we missed out on due to lack of time and his bad customer service when I tried to talk to him about it. All my other vendors were amazing.

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What an awesome way to spend the night!! The customer service is second to none, thanks for such an enjoyable night.

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Fantastic, had an exceptional time with my limo. I went online and found My Limo hire Melbourne. Had a ball it really was a pleasure to ride around in style. Clean Friendly On Time Highly Recommended Regards. D.D

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