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My Marketing Friend knows that marketing is ever changing. Marketing 5 years ago is different to today and it will be different again tomorrow. It is our job to keep up to date with what works so you don’t waste your marketing dollar on what doesn’t. Our affordable marketing packages allow all start-ups & small business access to products, systems and tools to grow their business.




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Anyone use Valentines day in their marketing? I have done Valentines day marketing before but I'm not sure if its worthwhile or  whether I am just doing it the wrong way. I have had a slight take up on the Valentine specials but nothing comparable to the time and effort to the return for my business.

Asked by Anonymous

We are all different. But I'd like some different perspectives into what makes us all feel appreciated.

I personally prefer constructive and collaborative feedback. I enjoy private "thank yous" but enjoy my accomplishments recognized publicly as well (if for nothing else than to help people understand what I do).

So, lets hear about you!

Asked by Jef Lippiatt
Category: Managing employees
I'm setting up a brand strategy for my cupcake business. What are some of those factors I should take into consideration?
Asked by Pamela Zhang
Category: Startup

I would like to know what materials (at little or not cost) would be a good way to expose the company to EAs & PAs

Asked by Rachael Marsden
Would appreciate your best advice on starting a business!
Asked by Vikki Cox
Category: Startup




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