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Melanie Gray answered a question

Is Search Engagement Optimisation (SEO) the new SEO?

Both are challenging and both need to work well to convert. Great discussion topic.

Melanie Gray answered a question

What must I do to get my website up on Google search results?

This is the SEO Google Starter Guide. you have already done all of this over the last six months, it is likely you are competing for the first page with many other businesses that invest lots...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What are some tips to improve my seo skills?

I think it's best to step back first and understand how SEO fits into your marketing plan. Understand your target audience really well so that you know what they would be typing in google to find you and then what they want to see on your...

Melanie Gray answered a question

How do you cut costs in your business?

All the costs in my business are required.I hope I don't ever try to cut costs and look more into increasing the costs of my services instead.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Are there any government grants for female business owners?

There are unlikely to be Australian government grants for female business owners. If your business revolves around something involved with the following, then there may be a grant out there for you - youth - community - innovation -...

Melanie Gray answered a question

How do I find the most appropriate insurance plan for my business?

Find an insurance broker. They will be able to help you find the best deal. Ask for references from people in the same industry as you. Brokers tend to specialise in certain industries.

Melanie Gray answered a question

What social media does my business need?

Social Media can be used if your target audience uses it. Don't know your target audience? Define it and your answer will be clearer. Better still, create a marketing plan.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Do I need a business plan?

It's always worth doing a business plan. How will you know what you want to do and achieve? It's a lot clearer when it's on paper. A two page of hand written notes might be all you need to start with. Dedicated at least 1/2 hour to start with and...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What's the value of hiring a business coach/consultant?

In Western Australia, we have the Small Business Development Corporation. It is government run. It's free and every time I get stuck, even before I started my business started, I contact them and they are great at guiding me in the right direction....

Melanie Gray answered a question

Is your bookkeeping and accounting done by the saame company?

I would have two different people performing the jobs. Bookkeeprs are generally cheaper too. I do all my bookkeeping and hand it over the final figures to my accountant

Melanie Gray answered a question

Where do I get a government grant to start a new business?

Last time I checked, there were no government grants in Australia to help start a business unless you align with one of these - A community based non-for-profit organisation - Focused on youth - Providing services for people with a disability -...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What budget is needed to have someone work on SEO Optimisation?

Something to remember is that your competitors are also spending time and money trying to reach that top spot. And some probably have done for years. It will take lots of effort to get ahead. Here are some tips: 1. Do lots of research on...

Melanie Gray answered a question

An online survey, have your say and help me understand you better

I'm a techie so I do all my research before I buy anything. By the time I get to the store, I already know exactly what I want.

Melanie Gray answered a question

What Are Some Great Activities You Have Done At A Team Day?

We did personality profiles on a team building day. Was really insightful, got us all understanding each other a bit better and how to work better with each other.

Melanie Gray answered a question

What have been your biggest challenges in starting a business?

Marketing. Was a huge learning curve. And I don't enjoy the tasks.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Melanie Gray answered a question

What Is Currently Your Biggest Frustration Around Hiring Staff?

Going through the mountain of resumes I receive to find someone appropriate. Also responding to each one to say that I have received their application and then responding to say whether they are successful or not. It is very time consuming.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Which company offers Public Liability Insurance to businesses?

There a many laws in place for hiring contractors. If they don't have their own insurance and you provide it for them, consider other aspects of their arrangement with you. They might, by law, need to be employed by you.

Melanie Gray answered a question

If Employing Someone Part Time Do You Promise Any Minimum Hours?

You might be best to ring the appropriate government body about this. Laws change all the time and it's best you keep up to date with it all.Consider hiring them as casual if the hours are inconsistant from week to week.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Would you rather lose a client or lose a staff member?

Much prefer to loose a client! I only keep employees if they are awesome.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Are Debt Collection Agencies Small Business Friendly Or Not?

Hi Danielle, try the CollectMore app. It's free and the person who created it, Paul Metcalf, is very helpful. I'd email him for advice if the app doesn't work for you. Good luck!

Melanie Gray answered a question

Please review my business/website

I think it looks professional and clean.Took me sometime to work out what the website as about.Originally I thought it was somewhere to purchase items that are designed to be presents (gifts).

Melanie Gray answered a question

Why would you hire a copywriter?

I've used a copywriter to maximise my marketing. It might look great but if it doesn't read well or say the right thing, then all that graphic design work is lost, and so are future customers

Melanie Gray answered a question

Any suggestions for hosting a straightforward e-commerce site?

If you have under 10 items, ecwid is free for the shopping cart side.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Do You Prefer To Get A Website Or Wordpress Site To Promote?

If your website is to be a simple one, small business or personal, Wordpress is a great tool to use to build a website.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Is There A Rule In Using Google Images For Flyer Advertising?

You will need to find royalty free photos. You can find some here There are lots of other similar websites. If you are wanting to create layered images, here is a really cool way to do it with powerpoint from Kits...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What Qualifications Should We See In A Web Designer/Developer?

It depends what you are wanting. If you are wanting a simple website (small business website, personal website), contact the designer/developer's previous clients and find out how happy they were with their services. You can also find out if...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Who Do You Have Public Liability Insurance And What Do You Pay?

I'm sure all insurance policies are the same. The more turnover I have, the more insurance I pay. I used a broker

Melanie Gray answered a question

Are You Responsible For Selling Your Own Products And Services?

I am responsible for selling services for both my two businesses.I really don't like it and I suppose I don't really 'sell' my services.I do as much marketing as I can without being too 'salesy' and I try to be helpful.I don't like marketing either...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Would You Use Warm Leads In Your Area To Cover For Your Industry?

I have paid for warm leads in the past for my Computer Support business.I am based in Perth Metro, Atwell, Western Australia.I haven't had any success with warm leads turning into a job.They were quite expensive. $10 or more a lead.Each job might...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Does anyone have a good final letter of demand template?

Have you download the CollectMore app on your mobile phone? Has some great ideas on how to most effectually get money from people that owe you.

Melanie Gray answered a question

How Do You Stay Connected With A Network When Everyone Is Busy?

I send an email or message through social media. I usually know what sort of commuication an individual prefers. Sometimes an SMS works best. Catching up online may not be as beneficial as catching up in person, but it sure is powerful,...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What one way of promoting your business would you choose?

Facebook Live. I believe there is a bigger audience that had access to it.

Melanie Gray answered a question

What Is The Pros And Cons Of Using Wordpress Compared To Wix?

In simple terms, Wix is a lot easier to setup and use compared to Wordpress. Wordpress is a lot more powerful with a lot of different options. I would stick with Wordpress if you have used it before and you didn't have too much trouble with...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Which are your favourite apps that help you run your biz or life in general?

I use my calendar on my iPhone. Set More - Free online booking system

Melanie Gray answered a question

Does anyone know if the election is affecting business?

Interesting question! I have had a lot of enquiries and bookings on Monday.I think that is due to school holidays starting in Perth.Interested to see how things go when the final results come in.

Melanie Gray answered a question

How Do You Deal With Business Owners Sensitive To Criticism?

I would love to know the background to this question.If it is a client, it's worth considering if they are worth being a client if they are so sensitive to criticism.If it is a partner or a supplier, it might be worth considering if it is worth...

Melanie Gray answered a question

How do you ask for payment from a client before the work's done?

I always make it clear in a contract or email how much and by when a client has to pay. It is also agreed and often signed by my client. If a client does not pay, that's a different situation. Paul Metcalf from CollectMORE has an awesome free...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Melanie Gray answered a question

A Customer Said They Only Pay By Credit But We Don't Accept Them

$19 Square reader.All you need is a smart phone.You can buy from Officeworks or Bunnings.Charges 1.7% on all transactions.Accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Are there government grants that can help in extra funding?

It will be very unlikely to get a marketing grant.The only possible way is if your businesses has something to offer back to the community like- Youth Services- Disability Services- Local Community ServicesBanks also have grants from time to time.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Laptop Automatically Upgraded To Windows 10, It Created Problems

Hi Marty, I wouldn't recommend rolling back.Could cause even more problems. See if they can try fix the problems they have, that would be best. I have had good and bad feedback from Microsoft Support. Perhaps your friend might want to give them a...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What it is that stops you from signing up to a course that you know you need?

I will likely sign up for an online course if I have seen testimonials and have heard positive feedback from real people I know. Or if I know the person professionally (which sometimes mean I have developed a relationship with them over social...

Melanie Gray answered a question

To what extent does a proper accounting system help reduce my accounting fees?

It really depends what sort of business you have and the amount of transactions you have. I'm a sole trader. I'm quite proficient in Excel so I do all the tracking of my finances in Excel. I find it gives me great flexibility. Because I...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Do you use social media as a tool for customer service? If so, how?

Yes, I use social media for customer service, namely Facebook. Often my clients prefer personal messages either to my Facebook page or my Facebook profile. I often deal with the enquiry, booking and followup all on Facebook messenger. Often...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Is link building dead, not just for SEO but for traffic as well?

SEO is always changing. I still think links are powerful, but only if they are relevant to the person visiting your website.

Melanie Gray answered a question

How can I speed-up the collection of receivables?

Try the free app 'CollectMORE'. Mainly for DIY debt collection, but it might have some good ideas also.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Are Facebook ads or Google ads better value for money?

What I like about Google Ads is that you can set it up so people will see your ads at the time they are looking for your services.With Facebook, your target audience might be wanting your services when they see your ad.For example, I can set up my...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What is your favourite piece of advice for launching a new website?

Make sure you have a call to action on the first page of your website. All the best for the launch!

Melanie Gray answered a question

Should I create a facebook group or page?

A Facebook page is very easy to create (if you have created your own personal Facebook page). I would encourage any business owner to create one. You never know when it might come in handy to reference.A Facebook group requires a lot more time and...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What exactly is a content management system?

Simply put, it's a website where non-technical people can change parts of the website. There is no need for a web programmer to do these changes.Some CMSs are more complicated to set-up and use than others.

Melanie Gray answered a question

Is it Illegal to not pay super ?

Not all employees need to pay super.It is illegal not to pay super to those entitled for super in Australia

Melanie Gray answered a question

What do you outsource?

For my computer repair business, I plan to outsource everything eventually.I found some awesome computer technicians by advertising in Gumtree for free so I try have all jobs done through them. The selection process was very time consuming having...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What are your best lead generation techniques?

I am a heavy user of Facebook.One of my businesses is a computer repair business. I often search in local Facebook groups for the words 'computer' or 'laptop' and provide help through commenting on the post. Sometimes I tag my Facebook page which...

Melanie Gray answered a question

What is your number one frustration in your business on a day to day basis?

Answering calls.It's hard for me to work in the business and take business phone calls. I am working on delegating this task.

Melanie Gray answered a question

What are the best podcasts for entrepreneurs?

I like too

Melanie Gray answered a question

How do I determine best accounting and payroll software?

The bigger the business, the bigger the task.If you have minimal transactions, off-the-shelf systems designed for small businesses will do the job. If you are savvy with Microsoft Excel, I recommend to use that so you have a lot of flexibility with...

Melanie Gray answered a question

How many times do you encounter 'difficult' customers or colleagues?

I have had three clients that were 'difficult' in the past year.Two were because I offered a discount or free service at one point.The third was unforeseen.I now do my best not to attract 'difficult' people to my business. I have clear processes in...

Melanie Gray answered a question

Which is the best Australian bank for startups to work with?

I'm located in Perth and have used BankWest. They have a no fee account for businesses. I also was able to get a cheque book for no charge. My business deals with Australian currency only and I'm still a sole trader

Melanie Gray answered a question

Can you develop a demo style app that is not the full product to test the market?

Demo style apps can be very expensive if you want someone else to do it.You might find other inexpensive ways to do your market research before making such an investment

Melanie Gray answered a question

How exactly does SEO work?

I assume you are talking about Google SEO.Google SEO is very complicated and constantly changing.It’s constantly changing because Google is constantly improving the Google search to find better ways to match people with what they are looking for.So...

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