Mystery Unfolds

Mystery Unfolds


Beaufort Street, Bedford, WA 6052

ABN 99600193060
EST 2020


Hand-drawn “puzzle cards” - escape-room-type experiences in a greeting card. Great for yourself, a friend or family member. Do you have what it takes to follow the clues and escape?

Instantly turn a birthday into a fun, challenging, and engaging experience. Like an escape room; it can be solved alone or with friends. Buying for a friend's birthday? Why not withhold their birthday gift until they've solved the puzzle. :P

Epicard is based out of Perth, Western Australia and after seven years of making puzzle card for our own friends' and families' birthdays, officially opened shop in May, 2020.

The idea for puzzle cards was born from the idea that while birthday cards provide a great opportunity for lovely sentiments and heartfelt expressions, most of them aren't. So rather than share platitudes, why not gift your friend or family member with a challenging escape-room-like experience that you can enjoy seeing them struggle through and (hopefully) overcome.


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