Natasha Berta

Natasha Berta

Marketing and communications

32 Eden Street, Bega, NSW 2550

ABN 50324648730
EST 2015


I help people who are afraid of marketing tech and processes, or who never feel ‘ready’, to press the go button (just do it!) to step into their authentic selves and take consistent action to start connecting with their people and making sales.

Most people have what it takes to succeed but they’re not tech people. Tech is scary. Or maybe they aren’t sure that their service will hit the mark. And that’s ok!

When you have a slow and steady, step-by-step process with someone who is nurturing, experienced, confident and action-focused then you can bring your business into the world, make authentic connections and start making sales. We are now scaling to a team model and providing more extensive done for you services, retainers and website development.