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Manna Verheij

I have been in their care for about 6 months (with Deb) and it was a waste of time and mostly money, which they charge in abundance. They consistently run over time and have you pay for it, even if you tell them upfront your budget is tight. She overflows you with so many expensive natural drugs that you have no idea which is working or not and the diet was so strict (and I later found out wrong for me) that it only made me worst, I got trouble with my bowels and lost a lot of unwanted weight. I came in for one of their free 15 min. visits, because I wasn't doing well because of their treatment, they ran over time and made me pay for that as well. My husband and I both saw her and followed all directions to the letter. He later found his problem through a free test, which Deb said we couldn't afford, at the doctors. I was later diagnosed with a chronic disease which she completely missed. The last time I saw her she did a test I couldn't afford but paid for and she since hasn't given me my results, because I don't want to pay for another visit. That doesn't sound like someone who cares to me. We trusted Deb with our health, she was charming and seemed so knowledgeable. Yet my conclusion is that you're better off going elsewhere.

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bec polmear

I've been seeing Eloise consistently over the past few months. Initially I booked an appointment just to assess my general health and well being and to ensure I was at my best when starting to try for a family. Within the first month, my results had dramatically improved and I was coping better with stress and feeling better. She not only addressed my dietary needs but also gave me practical advice on many other areas of life, such as exercise and stress relief, all of which was backed by her vast knowledge of the area. I fell pregnant even sooner than expected and Eloise supported me through both the emotional and practical aspects of the journey. I felt continuously supported by both Eloise and the NatMed team who genuinely cared about my health needs and addressed them through a holistic approach.

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kevin sharifgg by

they will over charge you and rip you off, you can receive better support at you local pharmacy, some already have naturopath working for them for free. Ned med is a con after charging me for 4 hr the only thing they advised me is to buy a meal replacement. A total scam

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Jordon Mueller

Jacky Dixon has been amazing as a practitioner. Professional, friendly and definitely very knowledgeable. She has been able to help me with health issues I have been dealing with for 3 years now!! Finally I feel like somebody is taking my healthcare seriously!! Thanks Jacky!

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Chloe Sullivan

I had a fantastic experience when I went for my Free Live Blood Analysis. It was so informative and the practitioners were all so professional and friendly.



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