Nitai Medical & Cosmetic CentreGlenroy, VIC 3046

Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre

Health and wellbeing

5 Blucher St, Glenroy, VIC 3046

ABN 11659157290
EST 2002


Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre is the renowned name to cure any type of skin treatments in Melbourne. The company provides different type of skin problems like acne treatment, laser tattoo removal and scars. Through the use of modern medical technology our doctor are successfully curing all types of acne problems. Get in touch with us for any type of skin problem.

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The team at Nitai are always friendly and welcoming, Dr Singh has a great eye for detail and really cares and loves what she does. She's an expert in her field and you won't find any better. The support staff are very lovely and skilled. Highly recommend!

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I cannot stress enough the beauty of going to an experienced doctor who have a broad knowledge of anti wrinkle injections. Dr Singh is been treating me for the last 2 years, and I am satisfied with the way she work. Very professional, makes me achieve my goal. I'm always happy with the outcome of the result. The staff are very friendly as well. Thank you Dr Singh for making me feel young again. I would definitely recommend this Clinic to my family and friends.

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The team at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Clinic are always extremely helpful. Have been seeing doctor Singh for over 15 years for medical issues, now she is helping me with a cosmetic issue in which I can see amazing results with such a natural every day look. There's a range of different treatments available, talk with Dr Singh as she is always willing to help.

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I have been a patient at Nitai Medical Clinic for a few years. I can not recommend this clinic enough. Dr Singh is so amazing at her work in the cosmetic field. Its such piece of mind seeing a Doctor over a nurse in this field. Also knowing she trains Doctors and Nurses in this field. She defiantly is the best Doctor I have ever been to. Thank you for making me feel beautiful:)

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I have been coming to see Dr Singh for the past five years, for skin cancer check. Dr Singh is very profession in this area because she is very thorough in what she does. Happy with the services, clean and safe environment. The staff are very professional, kind, friendly and helpful. Plenty accessibility of parking across the road from the clinic. Overall, I highly recommend anyone who wants to have a skin cancer check, do not hesitate to visit this clinic.

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