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Offshore Noosa Resort Noosaville Riverfront Holiday Accommodation offers guests a Modern and comfortable facilities to make your stay relaxed. Such features include oversized couches, free cable TV, DVD and CD player and many more activities to get active and energized.


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Steve Reeds

Sensational visit. Loved every minute. Had 6 nights and wished we had another six! Thoroughly recommend Unit 28! New managers very attentive, easy to talk to and doing a great job!

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Valeria Ricaurte

The owners of the place were the most friendly people I have ever encountered in a hotel. My friends and I were leaving town at 4, and they offered to store our bags past their office hours without even asking. The room was big and nice. My only recommendation is that they should improve their wifi.

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Laura Nucifora

Despite entering all our details into the Wotif Booking, Dani from Offshore Apartments Noosa claimed to have received NONE of this information, including our flight arrival time and the fact we had a 2 year old child. We checked into our apartment early evening. Early the next morning it was discovered that the flyscreen door, despite being locked, was not fixed within its track. Therefore our toddler simply slid it across and found himself outside, alone on the balcony! The bathrooms were poorly maintained and filthy. The toilet seats were yellow and the plastic was blistered, holding on to all sorts of dirt and things I don’t wish to know anything about! The grout in and around the toilets and showers was stained and dirty. The hot water unit was located in the wardrobe, in the kids bedroom, unknown to us, and was exceptionally hot to touch. This was in arms reach of our toddler’s cot. We contacted Wotif the morning of Sunday 22 April, and relayed our concerns regarding our toddler’s safety given that the balcony could not be secured and also mentioned our disgust in the state of the bathrooms. After being told one of the Owners – Dani, would be coming up, a maintenance man appeared. He arranged for a cleaner to attend and ‘whacked’ the screen door into its bracket. The bathrooms smelled clean, however as soon as the sliding door to the balcony was opened, it once again came out of its bracket and our toddler had full access to the third storey balcony once again. Wotif said they would call us back that afternoon to confirm if we were happy with the action taken, however we never heard from them. Upon checkout, Dani, one of the owners said she was ‘sorry’ that we did not enjoy our stay with them. She said she hoped we would stay with them again. Dani also mentioned that when you book through Wotif or Expedia that they have no control over the room allocation and if we stay with them again, we are best to contact them directly. Dani said she will not only give us a better deal on price, but she will put us in one of their ‘better’ rooms. So the conclusion we have drawn from this experience is, if you book through Wotif you are allocated a substandard room!

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Dave Kitto

Great hosts and awesome resort

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Louise Thorne

I feel so bad giving this resort such a low rating as I know that the management of the resort do such a good job at running the place. The pools are excellent and are perfect for kids, especially toddlers. The BBQ facilities are clean and easy to use. The grounds are maintained really well and the place is beautiful. BUT the apartments are owned by seperate people. The ones that you see in the photographs are the refurbished ones, however you may not be lucky enough to stay in one. Our apartment was very tired and run down. The kitchen and bathrooms were very dated. There was very little storage in the ensuite and there were strange black dots on the ceiling. The blinds in the bedrooms didn't close properly, so the rooms were bright at 4.30am. I am slightly disappointed about our stay as I was expecting to stay in a nicer apartment. Going down to the pool and hearing other guests talk about how modern and beautiful their apartments were was really disheartened, especially when the one you are staying in looks like it is from the 1990s.



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