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Offshore Noosa Resort Noosaville Riverfront Holiday Accommodation offers guests a Modern and comfortable facilities to make your stay relaxed. Such features include oversized couches, free cable TV, DVD and CD player and many more activities to get active and energized.


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Duane Dempster

Great location, good accommodation and a trouble free stay. Just perfect! :-)

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Louise Thorne

I feel so bad giving this resort such a low rating as I know that the management of the resort do such a good job at running the place. The pools are excellent and are perfect for kids, especially toddlers. The BBQ facilities are clean and easy to use. The grounds are maintained really well and the place is beautiful. BUT the apartments are owned by seperate people. The ones that you see in the photographs are the refurbished ones, however you may not be lucky enough to stay in one. Our apartment was very tired and run down. The kitchen and bathrooms were very dated. There was very little storage in the ensuite and there were strange black dots on the ceiling. The blinds in the bedrooms didn't close properly, so the rooms were bright at 4.30am. I am slightly disappointed about our stay as I was expecting to stay in a nicer apartment. Going down to the pool and hearing other guests talk about how modern and beautiful their apartments were was really disheartened, especially when the one you are staying in looks like it is from the 1990s.

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Thomas Hok

Good clean facilities. Nice rooms with lots of space. Walking distance to food along the river terrace or short drive to Hastings.

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Chris Wyman

Good facilities

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Alex Paznikov

Great location on start of Gympie Terrace.



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