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One Path Osteopathy is one of the best osteopathy clinic in Australia. Here you can get the best osteopathy treatments and movement assessment by the expert osteopath Hornsby Dr. Matt Everitt. He use a range of techniques such as soft tissue, stretching, mobilisation, manipulation and rehabilitation exercises to rebalance the body. He cover a big variety of osteopathy services like back pain, arthritism, shoulder pain, ankle pain, knee pain, neck pain and much more.


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Lily Ma

I came to Matt with a condition that wasn't responding to months of physiotherapy. Few saw my condition beyond the joint that has trouble. Matt's holistic approach has not just helped me deal with the symptoms, it is addressing root cause. Matt is always thinking/feeling his way forward. Bit by bit, my shoulder improves. After only a few visits, I now have a sense of confidence it can heal from the fracture and joint damage without surgery. Much more than a top-notch Osteo, Matt's a 'legend' at dealing with the person, not just the body. I doubt there is much he couldn't do. ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** !!! A+++

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Riitta Järveläinen

I've tried chiropractors and physios for treating my shoulder pain, with some temporary relieve. But I feel after seeing Matt, his holistic approach to my whole body, not just to the shoulder, has helped very quickly and has also made me realise what I can do better myself. Matt is very approachable and professional, and provides some great tips on what you can do at home to assist your healing. I can highly recommend him.

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Joe Evans

Matt is the first Osteopath I have been to. He has great knowledge & has given me new hope of improving an old injury. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience not only on a professional level but a personal one too as he is easy to talk to, relaxed & very likeable. I highly recommend him.

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Paula Stafford

Matt is a truly gifted osteopathy practitioner. He's made a huge difference for me and I am now moving much more freely. Matt is very user friendly, very understanding and incredibly professional. I cannot recommend Matt highly enough.

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Andrew Black

I have been receiving treatment from Matt for over a year now, initially to treat sciatica direct and referred pain and now as a maintenance measure to ensure ongoing mobility and flexibility. Matt is very personable and professional with a desire to ensure the holistic person is treated to provide the opportunity to live life to the full.



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