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Online Videos Perth

Marketing and communications

18 Watson Place, Maylands, WA 6051

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Online Videos Perth is a video production company that prides itself on helping it's clients grow. We can give your business more exposure, more visitors to your website and give those visitors a better understanding of who you are and what you do. We can help you sell more with explanations and demonstrations. We can position you as the expert in your field and we can record and or broadcast your next corporate event over the web. If you want to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT more web visitors into customers, you need to get in contact with us today! We'd love to help!

Industry Specialty

  • Online Business
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Selling Online
  • Social Media
  • Customer Acquisition

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Reg Sorrell answered a question

What are the best video editors?

I personally use Premiere Pro, but I'm not a fan of their business model, so wouldn't recommend them. I would recommend Da Vinci Resolve 16 to start with. It is absolutley free and you can upgrade for a one off fee of $299 (Studio)....

Reg Sorrell answered a question

What's the cost to hire videographers to produce a 10-minute corporate video?

Hi Craig,Hard question to answer accurately as there are so many factors involved. A general price guide for a professional Corporate Video is around $1000 a minute. That should include most variables including having a trained professoional...

Reg Sorrell answered a question

Which is more effective: TV advertising vs YouTube advertising?

TV definitely has a wider reach, but YouTube's is laser focussed. If your ideal prospect types in keywaords you want to be found for on YouTube, that is a lot more powerfult than randomly watching an ad on TV. Anyone younger than the Boomer...