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Opal Art Global


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As a couple we have participated in the opal industry all our working life. From our cutting platform came a retail store in 1987 and we remained retailers until 2000. From 2000 we began to supply speciality stores with our beautiful Scenic Range and now we are able to bring it to the world through the World Wide Web.

We hope that through this site we can give online shoppers the same introduction to opal (Boulder Opal in particular) that, in the old days, was given from behind the counter or on the shop floor.

With information on opal coming from all directions, now more than ever, buyers need to be confident in their sources. Our credentials lie in our history in the industry through 35 years of participation in the three key sectors of mining, cutting and selling.

We hope that with information and service we are able to stimulate a desire to learn more about opal and the industry around this truly unique gemstone.


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