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We are a boutique business consulting company helping organisations, large and small, implement or improve CRM or their CRM usage. We work with you to create a very business focused implementation of Microsoft CRM, that leverages the maximum value from the out of the box functionality. We are based in Sydney, but have clients up and down the east coast of Australia.


CRM Speaking and presentations

Speaking and Presenting

CRM Speaking and presentations  

If you want a dynamic speaker to help your members understand the benefits of CRM, or to help them understand how to select their CRM, then look no further than Gill Walker.  


OzCloudCRM - CRM Hosting

Internet Web Services

OzCloudCRM - CRM Hosting  

For Australian businesses using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, OzCloudCRM is the perfect compromise between CRM on-premise and CRM Online - speed and flexibility combined with simple monthly payments. It offers advantages for businesses of all sizes.

For more information opsis.com.au/menu-starting-with-crm/menu-hosting-licensing.html  


CRM Training on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2013 and 2011

Training & Development

CRM Training on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2013 and 2011  

Opsis offer a full range of training on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
End User training ensures that your users are able to use CRM confidently;
Subject Matter Expertise training is excellent when you are scoping your solution. This is how you get maximum bang for your buck, leveraging best practice functionality;
Technical Training is for people who want to implement or maintain your CRM.
Training can run on your premises, or we also offer public courses.

For full details crmtraining.net.au  


CRM Implementation

Business Consulting

CRM Implementation  

CRM is essential if you are get the most out of your sales and marketing efforts and beat your competitors to become the company that you deserve to be.

Opsis will help you implement a CRM solution based on the award winning Microsoft Dynamics CRM that fits your business.

We will work with you to understand how your business operates and then ensure that the solution, your data and your users all meld together - without costing the earth.  


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Avoiding being the meat in the sandwich between time-paid people and value paying clients

Avoiding being the meat in the sandwich between time-paid people and value paying clients

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Gill Walker answered a question

If you are providing services based on time and skill, how would you work out profit?

Are you talking about client's profit, or your profit as the supplier?If the former (client), work out, with the client, how much time or money, your service saves.  Then, if time, convert this to a monetary amount.  Use these numbers...

Gill Walker answered a question

Have you worked with a mentor?

I have worked with several mentors with varying degrees of success.For people looking for a mentor, I would advise to be clear on your goals from the engagement.  Then be prepared to end the engagement if it is not delivering, and be very wary...

Gill Walker answered a question

Which business are you REALLY in?

As business owners, we are all in the Marketing Business. Without marketing there are no customers, and without customers there is no business.

Gill Walker answered a question

What exactly is a content management system?

Hi MikeA Content Management System or CMS is the database that holds the content for a website. Examples of CMS solutions are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SiteCore and many others. You can think of a website of having two parts, the content, which is...

Gill Walker answered a question

Which is the best CRM software for a new company?

Hi Rachel I would endorse what Bridget said.  Before you can ask which software, you need to work out your requirements.  Do you intend to do a lot of marketing?  Do you want to track your candidates, or just your clients?  What information about...

Gill Walker answered a question

How much does an australian virtual assistant (VA) cost?

Surprisingly, one point that seems to have been missed here, and is often missed when talking about outsourcing, is how much does the entire job cost, both in dollars and my time. I personally would rather pay say $50 per hour and get a job done in...

Gill Walker answered a question

Do you know a good expert for CRM/Workflow/Practice Management?

Roland I agree wholeheartedly with Mike Hall's comments about fine wine. There are about 400 different CRM products on the market, which range from simple contact management products such as Act!!! to large enterprise solutions that are highly...

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Gill Walker

Gill Walker Owner Director, Principal CRM Business Consultant Top 30% Virtual Assistance


Kerr Capital

Kerr Capital provides advice and services to business owners on valuation, sale preparation, sales/exits/mergers, and acquisitions. Specifically this includes; 1. Business Owner's Diagnostic (B.O.D) - a pre-sale review covering valuation and saleability. It provides owners with a thorough...

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