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Peel Subaru offers you a wide range of new and pre-owned Subaru cars with immediate delivery. It has been a best and recommended dealer choice for people around Perth. Customer experience has never been better. Every customer is treated as their best customer with utmost care. With options like Capped Priced Servicing, car finance, insurance customers are now relieved of paying more for their cars.


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Philip Stiggants

Great service . Fantastic people there helpped me when my car broke down i brought another

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Domenic Horner

Unable to give me an accurate finish time, advised they would fast-track my replacement, however it still took 2 hours over what was advised originally.

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Antoni Hjalmarsson

Had a coolant change & flush here a few weeks ago , thought i noticed the fans were running more than usual but didn't really think anything of it as the temp gauge was showing normal but now that the weather has gotten hotter my car started overheating, so today i drained the coolant to take out and check if the thermostat was working properly and what do i find? The thermostat had been installed backwards! No wonder it was overheating! So i put it back together CORRECTLY this time! filled it up, took it for a drive and surely enough the fans now hardly turn on just like it used to be. This is pretty disappointing when you get your Subaru serviced at an Authorised Subaru centre and they don't even do things properly...

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Matt McCurdy

Pete and the team at Peel Subaru are excellent to deal with! Enjoying my new Impreza! Thanks :)

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Chris Paterniti

The team at Peel Subaru - especially Graeme - are amazing to deal with. They hid nothing from me and were transparent/honest with all aspects of the deal. I would not recommend any other car yard in Perth.



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