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Perth Carpet Master is an experienced and professional company that helps people with different kinds of carpeting problems. Whether it’s fixing a burn, repairing a seam, restoring a carpet, re-stretching a carpet or steam cleaning, Perth Carpet Master is always there for its clients. The service we provide are • Carpet patching • Carpet laying • Invisible mending • Wet carpet restoration • Water damage restoration • Tile and grout cleaning • Re-stretching • Vinyl laying and repairs


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Daisy Smith

Ron provided me with an outstanding customer service and a wonderful carpet cleaning job. He as well his entire team were extremely professional. They thoroughly dry cleaned the carpets at my entire house. My carpet is looking like a brand new one. Happy to recommend.

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Sophie Andrews

Just writing to say that your guy did an excellent job on my snagged carpet. The affected area is barely visible now. I would love to recommend your business to others.

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hannah desouza

Perth Carpet Master can always be relied upon when it comes quick emergency service and effective water damage restoration solutions. I had a flood accident at home last month due to a leaking pipe. The professionals arrived on time, and immediately set themselves to resolving the situation. Thanks to them, nothing was damaged beyond recovery.

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Nancy Roberts

While I was moving the furniture from my guest room to my bedroom, I made a blunder! I damaged a big portion of my carpet. Not knowing how to deal with the situation, I asked a lot of people in the forums about what needs to be done to get it repaired and whether it would cost me a lot. I got different kinds of answers. But there were a few of my friends who suggested me to do carpet patching. They told me that they too have undergone the same situation and they got it repaired through Perth Carpet Master’s service. They also told me that the job won’t cost me much. Anyway, let me first thanks Perth Carpet Master for doing a marvelous job. The portion that has been patched is not noticeable. And they did the work at a very affordable price as well! I would also like to thank all my friends in the forum John, Lily and Tracey for the recommendation.

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Grant Bagshaw

absolute shock, worse than if I did it myself! Landlord is now charging me over $2,000 to replace the whole carpet.



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