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As one of Australia’s leading plastics manufacturers, Polytech Plastics is a trusted supplier to a variety of quality-driven industries throughout Western Australia and the wider area of Australasia. We have over 30 years’ experience in custom plastic fabrication and our team is qualified to manage any project from concept stage to completion, no matter what the size and scope may be.


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Mark Loader

One star is far more than they deserve, didn't do as agreed, took longer and now want another $440 absolutely the worst company i have ever dealt with, go to Rylex, a professional company. I have had several devices designed and built by Rylex, quality work, well documented, on time and as per quote, tell them Mark from Cleanamarina sent you

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Rhys Bowers

This guy is a knob jockey. Still waiting for my job 3 weeks after they said I could have it that week. They can't do a simple bending job. He has just proved you don't need a long neck or feathers to be a goose. Poor Amanda has to deal with anger customers. One star is three too many...

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Graham B

I've petitioned Google to allow zero star reviews purely to accommodate this "business". I've used quotation marks because no sane person would ever refer to this abortion of a outfit as a business. Every week, for 3 months now, they have advised that my order will be ready 'next week' and still no end in sight for when I'll receive my order. I'll never do business again with this lot. Absolute disgrace.

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Brent M

The worst company I have ever dealt with. Constant lies. Never received the full order. The owner Lindsay Craddock is a total scammer. I have reported him. I ended up thousands of dollars out of pocket. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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wish i had read the reviews before i bothered to spend a hour driving down there, only to find they dont sell the stuff they advertise on their website



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