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We help businesses thrive and grow by showing them how to work smarter, not harder. In this Internet age, you need a total web presence, not just a website, but you don't need to spend all day on Facebook and Twitter if you use technology to help you. We can show you what works in 2016 and beyond, what doesn't, and set you up with a complete action plan for your business so that you attract the ideal clients for your business.


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What form of social media gets you the best engagement or results?

I'm guest curious here. Typically I see the most engagement on static text posts (with relevant hashtags) and with video. However, depending on the topic, my posts with links to blog articles perform reliably as well. So, what performs best for...

Asked by Jef Lippiatt

How to prep your online business to compete with Amazon, the looming giant opening soon in Australia?

Amazon may be open for business by Christmas in Australia. For a lot of online businesses, how should they improve to compete with the looming giant that' has already killed a lot of other businesses in the US?

Asked by Aishah Mustapha

Are any of the new United States policies going to impact my Small Business in Australia?

I am noticing that the US is going a little bonkers with protests and a promise from Trump that there will be a huge push for jobs and industry in the US.  Will this affect my small manufacturing business here in Aus?

Asked by Anonymous



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