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We help businesses thrive and grow by showing them how to work smarter, not harder. In this Internet age, you need a total web presence, not just a website, but you don't need to spend all day on Facebook and Twitter if you use technology to help you. We can show you what works in 2016 and beyond, what doesn't, and set you up with a complete action plan for your business so that you attract the ideal clients for your business.


Marketing Action Plan

Offline and Direct Marketing

Marketing Action Plan  

We will consult with you, and set up a complete marketing plan unique to YOUR business, which will incorporate both online and traditional offline marketing methods to give you the best of both worlds.  


Online Marketing Action Plan

Marketing Services & Consultants

Online Marketing Action Plan  

We will consult with you, and draw up a unique action plan specifically tailored to YOUR business which you can follow yourself, or employ our expert team to manage for you.  


Social Media Management

Social Media

Social Media Management  

We understand that you are busy running your own business, and don't have time to spend on Social Media sites even though you know it is important. So why not let our team manage your social media marketing for you?  


Website Construction and Maintenance

Web Development

Website Construction and Maintenance  

We don't just build websites, we build websites which are integrated into your overall marketing strategy. They include lead generation, social media integration, and eCommerce solutions if you want to sell products or services directly from your website.  



Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

Besides our more than thirty years experience in the business which most competitors can't match, we don't specialize in one aspect of marketing, to the detriment of all other aspects, we can offer you a fully integrated marketing plan individually tailored to your business.

Which geographical areas does your business service?

We cover the globe, we are fully online so we aren't limited to any geographical areas. If your business is in the Mid North Coast area of NSW we can arrange face to face meetings with you, but if you are in any other area of the world, if there is Internet where you live, we can help you.

What experience, certificates, and licenses does your business have to qualify for the job?

Besides more than thirty years experience, the founder has Certificate III's in business management, computers and graphic design. But we specialize in hiring the right professionals for the right jobs for you, so if you hire us for a job then your manager will be a specialist in that field.

Are there specific areas of your trade or industry that your business specialises in?

We specialize in helping small to medium business owners. Big businesses usually have their own marketing departments, but small business owners and startups need the most help to get started and set up their marketing plans, so we concentrate on their needs.

How do you normally charge for your services?

We usually work on a monthly fee basis, because most of the services we offer need time to show results. We do offer a substantial discount for annual payments because we appreciate your showing faith in our ability to provide results and feel that you should be rewarded for that.

What makes your pricing competitive?

We aren't in the business to make a gigantic profit, we are in the business to help people, so we try to make our pricing affordable to the small business owners we deal with. We find that if you help enough other people, profits will come as a result.

Are there any special offers available to customers on SavvySME?

Only if you promise to keep it to yourself! :-) If you mention SavvySME when you submit an application for pricing, we will give you a 20% discount if you are a small business owner just getting started.

How is your business insured and what guarantees do you provide your customers?

There is no insurance needed for an online business, because there is no physical presence, but we offer a guarantee that if our services don't improve your business in a given month, the following month is free.

What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

Startup or small to medium sized businesses, usually one owner/employee, or one to five employees. These businesses need our help the most because they don't have the revenue or time to organize marketing plans and strategies for their own business because they are too busy working in it.

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Terry Chadban answered a question

How do you sell to consumers in an environment that hates sales?

Narine, you are correct in saying that all people like to buy, but none of us like being sold to. So the short answer is not to 'sell' to them!The process we teach is:[1] Identify your ideal customer, people who have the problem you are...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Why and when should you call a marketing or advertising agency for help?

Unless your expertise is marketing or advertising, as soon as you decide to go into business! Way too many small business owners spend way too much time trying to 'learn marketing', as well as spending 80-100 hours a week in the business,...

Terry Chadban answered a question

What's the best social media marketing strategy for a professional service business?

Before you even think about strategy of any kind, you need to establish:[1] Who is your target market?[2] Who is your ideal client/customer?[3] What is their pain point/problem that you solve for them?[4] Where do they hang out on social media?Once...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Do I need a lawyer to start a business?

You probably don't want one, and you may not even need one if you can fill out forms on your own, but it is a case of better off having one and not needing one, rather than needing one and not having one.

Terry Chadban answered a question

What do you look for in a lawyer?

[1] One that doesn't call themselves a lawyer, we don't have them in Australia[2] One that can demonstrate that they understand small business legal problems[3] One that advertises their fees upfront.

Terry Chadban answered a question

What stops you from seeing a lawyer?

Hi Deborah,[1] We don't have lawyers in Australia, we only have solicitors and barristers, so that would be one reason,[2] The main reason that I mightn't see a solicitor for legal advice might be the lack of transparency on...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Whats The Best Way To Get Leads With Highest Conversion Ratio?

As @Jill Brennan mentioned, being super targetted is the key. But before you even start promoting your business, you need to be super targetted with who you are targetting!You need to pin down who your target market is, get to know as much as you...

Terry Chadban answered a question

What form of Social Media gets the best engagement results?

Hi Jef,Like you, we get most engagement from social media from blog post updates, either by linking to the blog post on Twitter, etc, or in some cases by re-publishing the post in full (like here for example). Relevant images definitely help...

Terry Chadban answered a question

How to prep online business to compete with Amazon in Australia?

Aishah,  Amazon has already started in Australia,  Kindle has been here for close to twelve months already.My advice is to just ignore them and go about building your own brand. Amazon are all about low prices and quick sales. You...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Will The New US Policies Impact My Small Business In Australia?

At this stage, the only thing that is certain is that Donald Trump is making his voice heard! NOTHING has been signed into law yet, and most of his 'policies' probably won't make it into law, so just carry on doing whatever you are doing for the...

Terry Chadban answered a question

How can I make my meetings more effective?

Hi Sarah,We recommend Gino Wickman's Level 10 Meeting template from his book "Traction" -- it limits the meeting to EXACTLY 90 minutes every time!Terry

Terry Chadban answered a question

Any suggestions for hosting a straightforward e-commerce site?

Hi Johannah,Definitely have a look at using Wordpress and WooCommerce for your site as well, that is the combination that we recommend to most of our ecommerce clients. The biggest reason is that you own the website and contents, not Shopify,...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Does Anyone Have A Sample Partnership Agreement And Can Share?

Hi Kellie,As others have suggested, getting advice from a solicitor experienced in business matters is your best and safest choice. Second best if you are short on funds is to use Australian law websites to get Australian documents. Two you can...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Who do you use for merchant business accounts? What are the fees like?

Hi Anna,If you are a small business owner, and just want to collect payments, have a look at both PayPal and Stripe. Neither of them have monthly charges, just a set percentage of the transaction, and both are easy to integrate into a website,...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Would You Use A Site That's Free To Post Job For Transport Needs?

Hi Diane,Your question is a bit vague, so forgive me if I have got it wrong, but it sounds like you are thinking about running a courier service for larger objects? If you are just starting out, you could try Gumtree and Craigslist to get you...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Has anyone found a way to schedule posts for groups on FB?

Hi Marion,We use HootSuite, but unfortunately since FB changed its policy last year, you can only use HootSuite to schedule posts to FB Groups that you are an Administrator of now. So we can schedule posts to the group that we control, but not to...

Terry Chadban answered a question

How do backlinks work?

Hi Emily,They don't work, they just sit there doing nothing! :-)Seriously though, a backlink is a link from another website which points to your website. Google values these backlinks from relevant websites very highly, as they are a pointer to...

Terry Chadban answered a question

How do I improve my ability to sell?

Hi Oliver,The first thing is to believe in what you are selling. If you are proud of the product, it is easy to tell someone about it.The second thing, which most people miss, is to sell to the right people. Define your target market, and your ideal...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Which are the most important SEO strategies to focus on?

Hi Elkanah,Will Blunt from Bluewire Media recently posted an excellent article on their blog about SEO Strategy using their free SEO Planning Template which is highly recommended.The three most important parts of SEO strategy are: [1] good keyword...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Would SME owners be interested in a custom news service?

I already use both Google Alerts and Trendspottr Alerts for email alerts, in conjunction with Feedly for blog updates and podcasts. All of these are free and easy to set up, and available on nearly all devices, so I can't really see how your service...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Should I create a facebook group or page?

Hi Noreen,Why not do both? If you have an established business, set up a business page to promote the business as a whole, but also set up a group especially for your fans? We all love being part of a select group!

Terry Chadban answered a question

Are social bookmarking and directory submission still important techniques in 2016?

Hi James,While they are not as important as they were ten or even five years ago, they can still be used as part of a co-ordinated marketing plan, especially for local businesses. They are both free, or low cost, techniques, and don't take up much...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Do you schedule your Facebook posts or not?

Hi Anonymous,We use and recommend HootSuite for scheduling most of our routine social media posts for all platforms, then we manually post up to date news to all platforms as it happens. Incidentally, that link above will get you a free 30-day trial...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Who do you recommend for web hosting and how much do you pay?

Hi John,This is not touting for business, but may give you an idea of what to look for, and what to pay. We run our own website hosting for our clients, exclusively for the Wordpress platform, so our web hosting is specifically optimized for...

Terry Chadban answered a question

What's a good tool to manage event-triggered email campaigns?

Hi Anonymous,Have a look at both http://www.activecampaign.com/ and https://convertkit.com/ and see if they will do the job for you. Both are reasonably priced, and both have sophisticated rules, or triggers, which allow you to segment your lists...

Terry Chadban answered a question

Has anyone built their own website?

Hi Paul,I haven't used SpiffyStores (haven't even heard of them, so that is one alarm bell going off!), but I started building websites back in the 90s using plain text editors to write static HTML code. Nowadays we only use Wordpress to build...

Terry Chadban answered a question

How can I take my service online?

Hi Bobo,That is a pretty sweeping question, but the short answer is:[1] Get a website built correctly;[2] Set up social media accounts at the platforms that your ideal clients would use;[3] Connect the social media accounts to your website;[4] Write...

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