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What does it take to be an excellent property manager? Find out more with Position One Property, Brisbane's preferred real estate company for sales and property management.


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Daphne Kusters

I first came across Position One Property as a tenant and was pleasantly surprised with their friendliness, promptness & team work. After several interactions I decided to engage Luc and his team as my own Property Managers as I was impressed with their overall care and attention. I have now been dealing with Position One for several years and it’s been an absolute pleasure. If you are not happy with your current Property Manager, I’d suggest you give Position One a call!

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L Teng

I have been through a number of property managers (from small boutique operators to big nationwide ones) and sometimes ended up having to manage the properties myself in between property managers. I was constantly in search for a good property manager, soon after I signed up a new one. A previous tenant, who was frustrated by the lack of response from my property manager at the time, told me to go with Position One when I had to step in. When I met with Allison and Tara from PositionOne, I knew my search was over. Position One always has my interests at heart and they attend to all matters promptly. I highly recommend Position One.

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Melanie de Leon

Everyone I have spoken to from this agency has been a pleasure to deal with and accommodating in any questions we had.

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From an owner's viewpoint, PositionOne Property has been a wise choice. They know the Brisbane rental market very well, have experienced property managers, good links with home maintenance services, and they give good advice. During the 2017 floods, they were quick to let owners know their properties were fine and that meant I didn't have to worry.

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Charlotte Roache

Edit: Since writing my review, I have been contacted by the staff at Position One. I am told that the business has changed ownership since 2014 when I rented with them. I am also told that the property manager we had has left the business. They seemed to be aware that at the time we were renting with them, there were serious problems with the business which have now been changed by a rollover of staff. "There is only one word to describe the property manager we had when we rented we position one in 2013/2014 - awful. We were young and we didn't know there was better. I've now rented from three other real eatate agents, all amazing and happy to work with you if you're just kind and reasonable. 10/10 do not rent from these guys. I don't normally write reviews of anyone but this one is well deserved. I am sorry to see other tenants have had bad experiences too."



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