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Are you one of the many businesses who waste precious time and money on your digital media? At Possum Digital, we know what works and what doesn’t. We help our clients build a digital presence that delivers TRAFFIC, creates LEADS, and empowers you to CONVERT. Inspired by the possum’s casually relentless adaptability, allowing it to survive and thrive in a range of otherwise uninhabitable situations, we stay ahead through being nimble, creative and open to change.

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How to Use Online Marketing to Attract More Customers

How to Use Online Marketing to Attract More Customers

1. Overview   What is online marketing? Online marketing is any marketing strategy that promotes... read more


Paula O'Sullivan answered a question

Which email marketing service is the best?

I use Campaign Monitor. Cost effective, easy to use and based in Australia

Paula O'Sullivan answered a question

How much do Facebook ads cost?

Hello Maria, the short answer is, it depends. You can run successfull ads for $10 a day if you do them strategically. I never use boosted posts, instead I use the Ad platform as I can better control the types of audiences I use, I can also track...

Paula O'Sullivan answered a question

Is Facebook group advertising a thing?

No, it's not. I do know people who use the strategy of creating a friendly URL that is used in the ad, that then redirects to the Facebook group.

Paula O'Sullivan answered a question

What are your favourite business podcasts?

Lewis Howes, School of Greatness, is just amazing! 

Paula O'Sullivan answered a question

Can you increase your traffic with minimal investments?

Organic social media can also help. If you blog, take the link and promote it on channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. This would be in addition to SEO.Yo could also look at being a guest blogger, and drive traffic to your site that way

Paula O'Sullivan answered a question

What's A Good Alternative To MailChimp For Email Marketing?

Campaign Monitor is my email marketing platform - costs me about $12 per month, no coding in required and the templates look lovely on desktop and mobile. You can also build sequences and do a bunch of other things. It's a great choice for SMEs.

Paula O'Sullivan answered a question

Are live marketing and industry events still relevant today?

It really depends on what your objective is.I recently returned from Social Media Marketing Worl in San Diego, and I'm so glad I went. Lots of in person connections were made. I got to hang out with Social Media Marketers from around the globe...

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