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Burbank, QLD

ABN 84941862478
EST 1987


original founder of eagle boys pizza aust /nz founder crusty devil bakehouse chairman of burger urge

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Tom Potter answered a question

Tom Potter answered a question

How do you maintain standards of quality and brand image when going from having total control to a franchise system?

its all about the right people the right systems (simple) and constant maintenance

Tom Potter answered a question

What keeps you motivated?

I think a major ability for you to motivate yourself is to ensure your challenges are laid out and your always looking for change and improvement

Tom Potter answered a question

What would you have done differently to make Eagle Boys even bigger than what it is today?

probably introduced more capital to grow harder and faster /however the main key point was to have a major point of difference which we had up until I sold the business

Tom Potter answered a question

What advice can you give to small startups?

critical time and research needs to be placed into strategy

Tom Potter answered a question

Tom Potter answered a question

People often say there is a 'secret' to success.... what's yours?

hard work /focus /staying true to your values and a lot of good plannong and strategy along with don't dwell on your mistakes

Tom Potter answered a question

Where did you get the idea for 2 minutes service guarantee?

the idea came from a real challenge placed to us by the board challenging us to find a sustainable point of difference it had to be a major shift in what was traditionally offered in the market its too hard to answer here and now but the full...

Tom Potter answered a question

Did you ever lose passion for the Eagle Boys business?

there were times I became very tired but the key was not to blame the business the key was to go away and re generate myself

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