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Helping authors and small businesses, Jennifer Lancaster is a writer and editor who supports others to sell their ideas. Her online member site (Business Author Academy) is for those writing a book for their business or career. She offers book writing mentoring as well (over Zoom).

With her copywriting background, Jennifer helps her clients get a clear message and theme. This helps them connect, persuade, and sell more. Jennifer writes a top #100 blog on Self-Publishing and is considered an expert on IngramSpark. She has written "Creative Ways with Money", "Power Marketing" and "The Niche Marketing and Book Guide", plus many others.


What we offer

Book Creation Success Club
Training & Development

Book Creation Success Club  

Struggling to finish your book and wondering about self-publishing processes? Keep your ISBN independence and learn all about book publishing, funding, production, marketing a book, and reaching the right audience. All Australian focussed. $39 per month or trial.  

From $39

Book Editing
Editing and Publishing

Book Editing  

At Power of Words, we're experts at line editing non-fiction books. In fact, we can even offer developmental editing, changing the structure of the book to meet target audience needs and purpose.

Please email for a full service brochure.  

From $300

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What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

Service providers who are writing a book or eBook or lead magnet, anywhere in Australia. Usually it is for the profile, but sometimes for their passionate side project.

Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

I'm an accurate line editor, but more than that, I'm both a writer and an editor. I'm also a passionate learner.

Which geographical areas does your business service?


What experience, certificates, and licenses does your business have to qualify for the job?

BA Communications (Journalism) Marketing studies iPed qualified

Are there specific areas of your trade or industry that your business specialises in?

Developmental editing and Line editing Blurb writing Lead gen report writing

Customer reviews

Popular Q&A

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What creative business ideas have you implemented to ride out the COVID-19 crisis?

I have done more SEO courses, built a website for a friend (not my field), and am looking to give away three free uniquely-written headlines to businesses in Queensland. My husband is in recruitment and he has had built an entirely new way to...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What are the best website platforms for dummies to develop a simple site?

I have set up three websites on Wordpress, which I think is the most flexible and easier to do activities to rank better in search. However, if your timeline for learning is shorter, I managed to learn SquareSpace and set up a new website on it...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

How to know a marketing agency or expert is right for you?

From my past experience, I would say it's that level of client-to-service-provider that is an ideal match. Location also comes into it, as some people still prefer to have first meetings face to face. You can tell if someone or an...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What's your opinion of sites like Wix, Square Space and BigCommerce?

I had a Weebly info site but the links from that were not rated well by Google back to my home Wordpress (domain name) site. Got rid of it. My own domain site, which never had a related keyword in its URL, kept hitting high rankings (1,2,3) on...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What are the average SEO prices in Australia?

Hi! It is better to invest in keyword-researched content and persuasive copy, adding the relevant backlinks and local citations / Search Console after that is set up. However, page speed is important, so get that optimised first. That is a...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

Is e-commerce dead? Or will the e-commerce industry die soon?

The big players will keep on. Look at Shark Tank, episode 17 July.  Snap Social. The solo tech founder is selling try on-snap-and-buy-later for real retail shops - charging $1500 a month - and is doing well. The hybrid of social media...

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