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Pro Electric Bikes is the leading online seller of high quality ASEAKO and ZOCO branded Electric Bikes. We also provide the associated Spare Parts of electric bikes. All the Electric Bicycles we sell are designed with High Torque Central Driven system. In addition, we have very latest 500W Electric Bikes too. Moreover, we sell our bikes at wholesale price, and we allow our customers to take a test ride our electric bike.


Sandy Raynor

Sandy Raynor Owner

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Sandra Email

Fantastic service from Brett at Pro Electric Bikes. I've had my Zoco for two years now and I use it daily to commute to work. Had an issue with the mudguard and Brett supplied the bit I needed at no cost! Above and beyond service!!

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Greg Chalker

I had a bike for 8 months before returning it. In the weeks after delivery, some parts had to be replaced after they aparently weren't tensioned correctly before despatching. 2 months later the electric motor seized up. Finally, a tooth on rear gears snapped. Disappointed by a bike that was marketed as being such high quality and designed for off-road.

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Nathan Swain

The team at Pro Electric Bikes really have got it all right, and its not really rocket science is it now? Friendly, prompt service, expert technicians in their field, and they do what they say. I have been riding many different brands/types of e-bikes over many years and these days I operate an e- bike tour business (Otway e bikes) in mountainous terrain on the entire range of Mid Drive Aseako 250w e-bikes, I find them all to be fantastic performers, great value and ultra reliable and my guests, of which nearly all have little or no e-bike experience find the bikes easy and super enjoyable to ride which is all very important to me, some of my e-bikes have toured well over 1000km and still run as well as when they did when they were brand new. If your looking to purchase an e-bike I wouldn't look any further than Pro Electric Bikes unless you were looking at spending over 5 or 6k and if you are prepared to spend that much, then I would recommend buying 3 or 4 from Pro Electric Bikes so you can take your friends e-bike riding too! There is nothing more satisfying than watching the smiles on a new e-bike riders face grow bigger and bigger as they ride uphill with very little effort. Absolutely Awesome!



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