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Tim Stokes the MD of Profit Transformations is a leader and considered a pioneer in business coaching in Australia. Clients have enjoyed doubling and quadrupling their sales income and net profits for over 20 years. If you want more leads from digital marketing - for free, to convert more leads into sales despite competitors, to solve staff challenges with permanent proven solutions, or loads more cash in the bank to end cash-flow stress forever then Tim's worth speaking to. When you've tried other advisors/coaches/mentors and are still wondering if there's someone of high quality that provides a high ROI without any 'lock-in' contract then Tim's your man. Check out results on the website with video interviews.


  • The Academy of Business Mastery - for financial and lifestyle success

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The Marketing Fast Track
Marketing Services & Consultants

The Marketing Fast Track  

Everything you wanted and need to know about super effective, proven, digital marketing strategies.
You'll learn how to use facts you can trust, to see results of your own efforts, measured in days not months or years. Plus it will save you THOUSANDS on marketing services.  


The Academy of Business Mastery
Business Coaching

The Academy of Business Mastery  

This training covers everything for in business growth acceleration , doubling and quadrupling net profits of businesses regularly and for over 20 years.  


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Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

The results you achieve will be up there with the best of the best of anyone in the world. Your net profits increase, your time is freed up, your stress levels decreased and your level of confidence with every decision in regards to growing your business will increase. 17 accountants recommend it.

Which geographical areas does your business service?

You can attend and enjoy the training from anywhere in the world. Our clients enjoy the convenience of online video conference, fully interactive, discussion based mentoring. Plus they receive dozens of ready to use systems by email that are all reviewed as they are implemented.

What experience, certificates, and licenses does your business have to qualify for the job?

Having built 7 businesses from nothing over 34 years, mentored over 1,000 paying clients for 21 years and advised dozens of accountants on business management, the experience is real-world practical based, not academic with theories and concepts. Clients consider us to have a PhD in results.

Are there specific areas of your trade or industry that your business specialises in?

All types of businesses: retail, wholesale, manufacturing, importing, exporting and service businesses have achieved great results with our content over the past 20+ years. Our primary focus is service and also manufacturing businesses with ready to use tools and systems.

How do you normally charge for your services?

There's no lock-in contract, just pay as you go however instant results aren't promised. With decades of experience, highly refined processes are used that grow businesses on a "J-curve" so once they start to grow, growth accelerates and is maintained for years. Services are offers as courses.

What makes your pricing competitive?

Typically a quality business coach with at least 10 years experience will charge over $2,500/month for a 12 month program. They don't provide drop-in ready to use systems, or tools. Our training does and has 4 to 10 times the value. Results are net profit focused, not just sales so ROI is greater.

Are there any special offers available to customers on SavvySME?

Free book called LEVERAGE and free 1 hour management training.


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Popular Q&A

Tim Stokes answered a question

Will you keep your social media accounts active even if your business is closing due to the COVID-19 virus?

While we're in tough  times its also an opportunity. Many businesses will shut down everything marketing wise, however those that don't will gain a lot of traction with those people looking around with a lot of time on their hands...

Tim Stokes answered a question

Tim Stokes answered a question

How much does a business advisor or advisory firm charge?

Expect to pay $1500 to $4000 per month. The value of what they provide is more important than the price. $1500 is expensive if revenue increases a small amount but Net Profit doesn't. The ROI will be small.$4,000 per month is a great investment...

Tim Stokes answered a question

How to avoid losing jobs to other tradies underquoting you?

It's a great question and one with a large range of answers, some simple and some deep and complex. It's a topic I've assisted many businesses with some I'll share some more simple points. First of all customers like the...

Tim Stokes answered a question

Who knows how much do copywriters charge to write a web page?

Putting on my copywriting and marketing cap a general range is $300 to $500 per page. Sure you can get a copywriter for less or pay a lot more but the value may become questionable. Here's a tip though when looking for a...

Tim Stokes answered a question

Does either .com or domain have an advantage? ✅

I used to have website for a few years for my business and then changed it to and saw no major difference. I have been researching SEO for 18 years and look at my rank position frequently. In Google Search Console you can...

Tim Stokes answered a question

Are you pricing your products and services correctly?

I have a different approach, more along the lines you suggest Neil.I've found less than 0.1% of all service businesses have a formula for pricing.It's actually a mixture of...How much work do I have on now? How desperate is the business...

Tim Stokes answered a question

How do you grow a business quickly and smartly?

First, clarify your vision of what you're aiming to achieve. Is it 50% growth per year or 500%? Does your business need higher profit margins to solve cash flow challenges or higher revenue?With a clear vision I then recommend engaging the...

Tim Stokes answered a question

Should you hire a financial advisor or is an accountant enough?

You're mixing up a few points in one question as I see it. A financial advisor has little to do with businesses. A financial advisor is a financial planner and an accountant is not a financial planner, its a completely different industry.If...

Tim Stokes answered a question

How to know a marketing agency or expert is right for you?

Having been in marketing for 28 years when I look to outsource I have some specific criteria.It all is based around how much the company knows about effective marketing, shown by results. I want to see case studies and hear number based...

Tim Stokes answered a question

Hiring a full-time marketer vs. marketing agency or expert?

A marketing agency is the higher end cost by far and if you're prepared to pay multiple thousands of dollars for months continuously then they are worth considering. Prices from $3,000 to $8,000 per month are common.  I recommend...

Tim Stokes answered a question

What is better - SEO, Google Adwords or social media?

Having been 'in' marketing for 28 years and mentor of marketing I have some points of views from looking at the facts - i.e. the results of marketing from what hundreds of businesses are experiencing.Starting with social media marketing, its...

Tim Stokes answered a question

How much does SEO cost in Australia?

Having mentored hundreds of businesses on marketing I ask each one of them if they are paying or have paid for SEO services. The range of pricing they pay has always been between $700 to $2500/month for a lock-in contract of 12...

Tim Stokes answered a question

What is the number one skill required to build a successful SME?

What has 22 years of mentoring business owners identified as the Number One skill?People skills.Customers are people, so are suppliers and of course, employees.Having skills with people helps in these 3 areas enormously.People skills show up in...

Tim Stokes answered a question

How do you cope with putting out fires?

There is always too many things to do as a business owner and understanding that is where to begin.The simple way to start is to start with major, big goals for the business as the owner of it.For example, I ask my clients if they'd like to have...

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