Progressive Legal Pty Ltd

Progressive Legal Pty Ltd


William Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

ABN 50607068708
EST 2014


At Progressive Legal, we provide practical, skilled, and timely legal advice including tailored legal documents to growing Australian businesses.

We’re a client-focused NewLaw Law Firm.

Our goal is to protect you, your business, your assets, and your ideas.

We provide expert legal advice in relation to corporate structure, intellectual property protection (including trademarks), tailored commercial legal documents and advice, workplace, and dispute resolution.

We believe the current legal model is outdated for the modern, fast-paced digital environment and our vision is completely different from the “old school”? approach to legal services.

We provide online legal services to clients Australia-wide, with fast turnarounds, fixed-fees and cost-effective legal advice from experts.