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Quality Hotel Bayswater

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Conveniently located 10 minutes from Perth. Restaurant: Experience mouth watering dishes at the Bayswater Hotel’s Bistro, where you’ll be spoiled for choice. Bar: 1898 is one of Perth’s most popular bars. Great food and great service is what the 1898 bar is all about. Hotel: With superbly appointed spa suites, and welcoming hotel rooms, the Bayswater Hotel offers accommodation 10 minutes from the airport & 15 minutes to Perth CBD.


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Rajdeep Singh

Bayswater Hotel is a great venue for families and for a quick beer. It's probably most famous for it's drive through, which is open until late. The food here is pretty good, and the buffet is definitely recommended - alot of variety and very decently priced. The ambience is a bit lacking, and it has a very old school pub style atmosphere - could definitely do with a renovation. It's close to the train station, and has the bottle shop on the side, so it's worth a quick drink for when you want your night to go elsewhere.

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John Cutler

Hotel is well priced for 3 star rating, accommodation acceptable and close proximity to Perth CBD , However whilst I paid for my overnight stay by credit card , I was then also charged a further 2 times by the hotel. These 2 further drawings were not authorized by me. I cannot see how a hotel can charge you 3 times for 1 stay. Whilst the hotel has agreed to a refund, I now have to wait 3-5 business days for it to be credited to my account. Most Inconvenient.

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michael o'connor

Terrible terrible service. The waitress scoffed when I asked for a straw (had full coverage makeup on) for the water which I had to request, and when it arrived after a solid 10 minutes she only brought 2 glasses for the 4 of us. (The other two ordered drinks, but still). At arrival we had to stand awkwardly waiting for someone to greet us, and were only pointed vaguely in the direction of our reserved table, not led. The food was nice, but the bread and ribs were cold. The booths were small and hard to enter/exit, especially in heels. Wouldn't go again, especially not for a date.

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Greg Kilmaster

Had the buffet lunch Sunday 11 March 2018.. Excellent value.. good old fashioned spread.. staff fantastic.. Al la carte menu also very good.. Well recommend

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Kaleb Withers

I enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Could do with more vegetarian options. Overall a good time



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