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Quality Plumbing & Gas are Gas Plumbers in Perth WA, specializing in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing and gas fittings. Our skilled, award winning team are on call 24/7.


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Gardo Vilch

AVOID. AVOID. AVOID. Pressuring you to pay straight away even when you are not satisfied with the invoice is a big "red flag". BEWARE. BEWARE. BEWARE. They under quote and then increase the price. DONT TRUST THEM. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. Check their quotes against other plumbers. Check the unit's price online. Im making this review to warn my fellow "good paying customers" to save their hard earned money and avoid being ripped off. We usually go to this guys for convenience but all we got is stress. There is no quality in them but poor one. The business owner may surely reply that my name is not in their records, that would be right, of course I'm too embarrassed to put my real name as Ive been fooled by their so called "quality". It looks like they have branches in North Perth, Success and Kalamunda. STAY AWAY FROM THEM & AVOID HEADACHES!

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Senq J Lee

Excellent job from Paul, friendly and explained everything in detail, fair prices too for unblocking a drain and camera. Marcos and his team are throughly recommended! Thanks guys

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Kerry Gonzalez

Emails received from our customers: Good Morning Kerry, Iszac was a pleasure to have around the house, very capable and great attitude, a credit to your Company. Please pass on my thanks. Regards Kas __________________________________________________________________ Thanks Kerry, The work undertaken seems to have fixed the problems at this stage. Its good to have a consistent supply of water to the shower head now. Regards, Glenn W*****

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Kristen Will

Spot on time (to the exact minute!!), efficient and affordable. Thank you Joe!

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Leon Ure

"I'm so sick and tired of my drains blocking!" "It's costing me a fortune in plumbers!" "why do they block all the time?" "Is the problem with the Water Corporation mains and I'm paying for it?" If you are sick and tired of this comments and questions and would like to have a resolution? The solution is HERE!! Camera the drain. The latest camera equipment can investigate and capture every inch of the inside of your drain, It can find cracks, foreign items stuck within or even prove that you are not at fault. It can pin point the affected area ready for excavation and repairs. Quality Plumbing can even provide you with a recording of the investigation to view at your leisure. Contact them to arrange a booking.



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