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Highly skilled and multi awarded plumbers and gas company in Perth WA, Quality Plumbing and Gas specialising in residential and commercial plumbing and gas services. The award winning plumbers is on call 24/7.


John Brow

John Brow Owner

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Allan B.

Great customer service, most efficient, nothing too much trouble, will happily recommend them to anyone!

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Geraldine Adkins

Thanks Marcos. Kieran has done a fantastic job, very professional and efficient and knows what he is doing.

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Leanna Renier

I don't know any other plumbing company that could beat Quality Plumbing and Gas's record. 15 minute from picking up the phone till they arrived at my door on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks again guys, see you next time.

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Lou Tremblay

John and Joe have done a great job and in a very pleasant and competent manner. Joe is a real asset to your company with so many skills to offer. If he is available my wife and I would like to adopt him!! Huge thanks to both of them and we will sleep well tonight with a great joy done by Quality Plumbing and gas!

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Jonathan Hitz

Brian done a great job!




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