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Queen Victoria

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QVB 455 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000

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Cafes. High teas, bags, watches, designers clothes and rare pink argyle diamonds. Plenty of antiques and gifts ideas. Bathrooms at each ends of the building, as well as lifts. So many cafes to choose each offering food and drinks. Perfect for meeting place, resting or sit around chatting with friends. The middle section has huge piano that anyone can play and the sounds echoes beautifully. During festive seasons huge display in the middle empty ground to roof, like Christmas tree or floral display.

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Beautiful, can be a little hectic with all the people in it, so pace yourself and take time to look up and around. Spoil yourself by having a coffee and a cake and always try to take time to check out the grand clock and central dome decorations from the ground floor. Perfect place for pics inside and out. Town hall station is just below so convenience personified.

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It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the architecture and it's so well maintained just being in the building is an experience already! The food there can be quite overpriced, but then again so are all the designer stores. It was very beautiful though, I would definitely come again!

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Glorious historical building, loving retained and restored. Connected underground to Town Hall Station in one direction, and Myer in the other, so you can walk for quite a distance underground, which is handy on a hot day or when it is raining. Victoria's Basement is in the basement and has every imaginable kitchen item you could ever want. More expensive shops on the higher levels, except the ABC shop and some nice, quiet cafes. Worth a look even if you are not an avid consumer.

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Architecturally beautiful building with interesting features and characteristics both inside and out. Plenty of natural light pouring in to give it a spacious and open feel. Having said that, I would not necessarily come here for the shopping given the commonly found commercial brands that are here.

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