Quick Safety Pty Ltd

Quick Safety Pty Ltd

Information and communication technology

375 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, QLD 4000

ABN 92611358699
EST 2015


QuickSafety is an app available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane that makes the creation and completion of certificates of compliance easier for electricians, contractors, and construction sites. This app will help electricians and contractors avoid filling up documents since all they have to do is fill up forms online which saves more time for work. Some of its features allows users to pre-plan their jobs to help them get ahead of their work. Another feature that the app is notable for is how it safely secures all your compliance certificates for a maximum of 5 years. Another feature that makes the app important is that you won’t lose any of your data even if you suddenly lose mobile data. Lastly, one of its best features is that it can sync across devices. This means that the admin and team members have an easier way to collaborate, report and manage each other’s job progress.The goal of the QuickSafety app is to simply make the work-lives of electricians and contractors better and